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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Nearing The End Of Summer

Well this season of summer has just flown by soo fast . The weather has cooled down for the nights and early mornings but the days have been warm and sunny with cool breezes. I cant believe next Monday will be the first day of fall already .
The gardens are in between where some plants are all done whilst others are thriving even more as they prefer the cooler nights .

                          Especially our little sunflower plant that was planted by a critter lol .

       I love it when critters plant sunflower seeds from the feeders in the gardens and we get these lovely plants just full of beauty and sunshine .

 Our African daisies are just amazing as well as they have been also giving us such beauty all summer long and are still going strong .

 We have had many different types of butterfly's stop off in our gardens and it has been so wonderful to watch them .

     Some leaves have started to fall as well as some trees are slowly starting to change now to .

    We will be getting fruit eating birds feasting in droves soon on our crab apple trees berries .

 The turkey Vultures have been soaring over the valley , our yard and the field beside us more now as they hunt to feast before they are on their migration path soon . Our hummers are fewer but still hanging about as they prepare for their migration flight soon as well .

And Miggs, well... she is just taking in every drop of sunshine and fresh cooler breezes each day that's left of the summer season .

                                                          Until next time .


                                    Country Gal



Anvilcloud said...

It still looks great there.

William Kendall said...

Pretty flowers, and of course Miggs is making the most of it.

The Furry Gnome said...

Well hello! Enjoy the last two days of summer!