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Friday, September 27, 2019

Another Month Just Flying By

WOW ! I cant believe how fast this month has gone now , Only three more days and it will be October already .

The days have been warm with lots of sunshine and cool at night and we have had next to no rain at all over the past two weeks maybe a bit here and there but nothing substantial for my gardens that's for sure . I am happy that it is to rain overnight tonight and tomorrow I just hope its enough for my gardens to get a nice soaking .

The trees are changing and some have lost a lot of leaves already seems the cool nights are whats doing it for them , I have already started my fall raking and gardens clean up as some flowers are done whilst others are still going strong .

My larger sunflowers are almost done now but this tiny little one is going strong it is the tiniest sunflower I have ever seen .

 Lots of tiny butterfly's have been about as well ,  the leaf he is sitting is bigger than  he is  .

          Woolly bear Caterpillar I like these little guys and I have seen quite a lot about .

                                           Turns into this a Isabella tiger moth and  just as pretty .

    We are soo happy that over the past moth we have had two frogs occupying our pond .

 Soon we will have to over winter our pond and we hope these two frogs will be able to get  ready to over winter  in it . As frogs are cold blooded they will begin to slow down as their body temperatures drop. When winter arrives they will go into a state of dormancy and wait out the cold weather and pass the winter at the bottom of your pond below the ice. Frogs produce a type of glucose in their bodies that will allow them to freeze solid and still be able to survive, amazing isn't it ?!

Miggs and I have been enjoying lots of cooler morning walks and she loves to see and spend time time with t the kids at the bus stop till they are on the bis and off to school . Then we continue on our walks, sometimes meeting up with her doggie friends and their people so we stop for a chat  ,she chats dog with the  dogs and I talk with our neighbors / friends and then we are all go off and continue our walks after .
 I find I am using my phone camera a lot more now as it is always handy as all these were taken with it lol ! Harvesting  on  our area farms are booming right now and there are sounds and sights of tractors and combines  all around  and the smell of the fields is delightful . Lots of pumpkins and squash about now to and side road fall harvest stands  at some of the farms are in full swing .

Well that's about it with us not a heck of a lot going on just trying to keep up with the seasons in the gardens and yard lol , and getting the most out of it all as well as enjoying it .

                                                              Until next time


                                     Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

They say time flies when you are having fun, but sometimes the days go by so quickly there isn't time for fun.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Yes, the days are just flying by. Garden cleanup is just about done, things put away for the winter, as you never know when the weather will change for the worst. Raining today, so I did bit in between the rain, left the laundry for a dryer day tomorrow so I can take advantage of hanging it outside.

William Kendall said...

Wonderful close ups, and always good to see Miggs.

The Wykeham Observer said...

Always like your photos and commentary about Miggs.