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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WOW ! Summer is going out with a BANG !!

Bang of heat that is .  The season is to  officially be fall as of Friday at 4pm but summer just doesn't want to go . It has been hotter and more humid this week so far then it has been all summer here and it is to be this way till well into next week .
Our hummers have gone now and I am seeing lots of Monarchs flutter through our yard as they head south closer to lake Erie on their migration path . 
I have been out and about taking the odd photo here and there but mostly keeping in the shade of the patio porch where it is cooler .

 The mornings have been humid as soon as the sun rises  , and oh what lovely sunrises we have been having to .
 By the afternoons the clouds have rolled by farther up north and have been soo pretty just suspended in mid air .

                                                 Love me some dramatic clouds

                   And some wild flowers they are all soo lovely this time of year out in the fields !

             The milk weeds are slowly bursting with fluffy pods all over the place now .

I was out in the field taking these pics and to my surprise there were two Golden Eagles playing way up in the sky .

                                Once these huge birds catch air they soar fast !

Seems like after the cool down last week giving us a taste of fall  and the warm up this week of summers heat  some of my flowers in the gardens seem to burst with life again .

Papa and I have been busy with this and that here and there as well We are getting a new furnace put in next week as our old clunker gave up the ghost in the spring , not that we need heat right now  but better to gt it in  and all said and done before the chilly temps set in for fall .

The Turkey Vultures are scoring the land and will be soaring on their migration path fairly soon . The heat has kept  the birds under cover and not much activity at the feeders right now but once the temps drop a bit it will be crazy busy at the feeders .  Miggs is feeling and getting better from her Bone spur injury and has been good at not chasing critters  we go for walks every day  and that we both enjoy then she naps on and off for the day and gets the occasional visit from the pup Tucker next door then after she is tuckered out lol !

         Well that's about it for me for now I seem to be only here once a week now oh well such as life eh?!

                                                            Until next time

                                            Country Gal


William Kendall said...

The heat's pretty much the same here, since more than a week and a half ago now. Apparently it'll break after the weekend.

Linda said...

Linda :o)

Linda said...

Linda :o)

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

It is nice to see the last bit of summer (or should I say see summer lol) but the humidity I can do without. The annuals here are doing well, my feeders have slowed down drastically too. Hope your trusty companion, Miggs, is feeling better soon. Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous golden eagle photos. The turkey vultures have been swooping around here too, sometimes 4 at a time Perhaps they can't make their mind up to leave yet :) Weather has been amazing, and we have been breaking temperature records with the heat. The trees are starting to change colour though.

Henny Penny said...

Your pictures are so pretty. We had the most pleasant August, but now September has turned to summer again. It's been hot here too! Hope Miggs is doing good.

The Furry Gnome said...

Summer didn't go out with a bang, it just finally arrived!