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Friday, September 22, 2017

Miggs Ends Summer With A Splash Of Fun

Summer ends today at 4:05 pm  as Fall begins but Miggs had a splashing good time saying goodbye to summer as the heat continues .

 Miggs loves the sprinkler and since she is feeling better finally was all to happy to play in it !

The heat and humidity will continue till into next week despite the season changing to fall later today but this little guy seems to be enjoying it as he stops for a rest in the field .

 The sky's have been soo clear and blue but the odd big beautiful clouds hangs suspended in mid air over the valley !

 So on this note I am sad summer has come to an end officially  but wish you all a Happy Fall and look forward to what the new season will bring !

                                                           Until next time .
                                            Country Gal


William Kendall said...

Miggs certainly is having a ball!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Miggs is feeling better.


love that dog and his photos--great photos--
hey live in FL and try to feel like Fall and try to decorate--
it just doesn't feel right!!
enjoy the moments, di

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

LOVED the pictures of your girl having an end of summer blast, they've really made me smile!

Same weather for us too - I'm not ready for summer to end either. It went too fast, didn't it?

September Violets said...

I hope Miggs enjoyed the sprinkler all weekend long! Here's to cooler weather ... bring on Fall!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to read that Miggs is feeling better and missed that she wasn't feeling well. I have been busy trying to sort through many photo CDs and copy onto small external hard drives. It is very time consuming and I wonder how you keep track of all your photos, Elaine.