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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Finally Feels Like Fall

The weather has finally changed to the fresh cool air of Fall . It cooled off last night as a cold front rolled in as did the clouds . I was outside having my evening cuppa tea enjoying the cooler air as Miggs was doing her yard check for the night . I was intrigued by the cloud formations and the bright light shining through them , well that bright light was the moons first quarter and it was pretty mixed with in the clouds .

The air was damp and cool  , the crickets were chirping and singing their night time song and at the same time it was soo peaceful . I like how I can see the bright side of the moon and the dark side of the moon .

Today was a lovely fall day, again with fresh air sunshine and cool winds. Miggs and I enjoyed a nice long walk in the morning . First thing this morning  windows were opened to air out the house from the heat wave we just had .

 Far to the left and back behind the hedge you can just see the peak of our house , Some leaves on the trees have changed whilst others are still green  but with this cooler weather they will be all changing fast . This weather is perfect for long walks and for getting in the gardens and finally start my fall clean up of the gardens as lots of plants are now done for the season .

                     I had a small camp fire whilst I was in the midst of garden clean up .

Some of it was scraps of wood from Papa's shop a few leaves and some was yard and garden clippings .
We are getting our new furnace put in tomorrow morning  and Papa took the day off work to be here whilst they put it in so he will have a long weekend this weekend  and our kids are coming down for the weekend to so an extra special weekend for us .  I cant believe September is almost done WOW ! that went fast and October is literately just around the corner and our Thanksgiving is next weekend ..  already?!

          Fall ..some call it Autumn  but what ever we all call it , it is finally feeling like it .

                                                                                         Until next time .

                                                  Country Gal


The Furry Gnome said...

Wonderful fall day here too. Glad that heat is over.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It has finally cooled down here in Nashua, NH as well, Elaine. yes, Sdptember did go by so fast and the last part of it seemed more like summer with the warm temps. We too are so ready for fall weather and long sleeves too!

William Kendall said...

It certainly looks fresh and crisp there!

Wednesday afternoon we had a brief but intense storm here that cleared out the heat. Yesterday and today have been clear but cool.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Big change here after the rain of yesterday. There was rain this afternoon too. I got the garden un-decorated before the rain started, best to get it stored away while it was all dry. Your new furnace is arriving just in time. Enjoy the famiky visiting.

September Violets said...

Wasn't that temperature change something? In two hours we went from stifling heat to cool breezes. Not much colour here even now, and this week they say it's going to warm up ... again!! Love the moon shots :)