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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Bit Of This & That


Things have been  on and  off busy time for us here this week . Papa is on his shut down from work , they shut down every year for a week this time of year , kind of like their version of March break as this time of year for the company is a bit slow , so as he has been off he and his dad have been busy building lots of cabinets on one side and on the other side  more cabinets with  a  coat and boot closet and a broom pantry for my laundry/mudroom and it is looking great I will have lots of storage now  . They are just finishing up the last few cabinets  .  I will take photos when all is done I didn't take before photos but that's ok .

The weather has been mild and a on and off snow then sun then rain then snow but as the weekend gets closer the sun is to shine in clear sky's and the temps are to rise to double digit's  10C or 50F . We got a dusting of snow over night and it is melting already with the odd snow fall on and off .

Miggs was busy treeing yet another squirrel earlier today whilst it was snowing . This squirrel is a newbie and didn't know the rules of the yard  lol !

FEBRUARY 2017 (1 of 7)

FEBRUARY 2017 (2 of 7)

She was certainty giving  him the what for  barking at him  , then as she turns to look at me and  as if to say “see mum I told him , I told him” lol ! WOOF!!!

FEBRUARY 2017 (3 of 7)

Miggs now walking back to the porch to her bed all proud and licking snow like she always does  on her way back .

FEBRUARY 2017 (4 of 7)

What a shaggy mess lol going to the groomers tomorrow and getting all cleaned up , poor Miggs gets soo hot indoors at night  with that heavy shaggy coat and we don't keep our house hot as we don't like it either at night we sleep with two of our bedroom windows open and a fan and she still pants like mad when in this long shaggy coat but not after tomorrow she will  be all  clean and no shagginess . She will have to go to a new groomer and place though ours had to quit due to health issues but we have heard good things about this new groomer and place  .

FEBRUARY 2017 (5 of 7)

It is mild and damp out today as the little bit of snow we have is very wet and sticky but makes it look pretty though .

FEBRUARY 2017 (7 of 7)

I cant believe we are half way through February already , how fast the days and months seem to go . I am now looking forward to March when we change the clocks forward one hour on the 12th  and welcome spring on the 20th , the season I have been waiting for . I have seen and heard a few Robins about so that is a good sign , now I am on the look out for the song Sparrows and Red Winged blackbirds the other sure signs of spring  .

I have seen on the weather news that the east coast of Canada and the United States  has been in a snow storm after snow storm and are literally buried in it  . To  all my blogger buddies that are out that way I hope the snows and high winds stop and things can get back to normal with much nicer and better weather for you all and hope all are safe and cozy .

                                                              Well that's about it for me  . Until next time !

                                                                            Country Gal




Deb said...

Lucky you...lots of storage. :) We are literally buried here and digging out again today. The temps are higher, though, so really enjoying that. I'm heading out to play with Forrest. "Hi Miggs"

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The day started sunny and getting milder, but now we have the odd snow flake blowing by. Nice for Papa to have a week off and do jobs around the house. I'll look forward to photos of Miggs in her new do :)

William Kendall said...

Miggs looks thoroughly pleased with herself!

I'll have to clear snow when I get home- it's snowing again, but it's just the steps and the walkway down to the sidewalk, so it doesn't take long.

krishna said...

so much snow!! The puppy is enjoying a lot..

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The Furry Gnome said...

Syou don't have much snow left.