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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Yesterday Evening After The Rain Storm


We had lots of rain and high winds and for a while there the humidity broke and I was able to open up the windows and air out the house from being closed up with the AC on . All the rain we got was well and truly welcomed , not as much as they had predicted for our area but just right for our valley and river that is now back up to its proper level.

We have a family of Barn swallows that love to sit and feed their babies every summer on the big sire outside our house and I love watching them and of course taking their photos .

AUGUST 2016 (1 of 26)

This later in the season baby  , there was three but this little fellow seemed to stay put the longest for me which was a chore for him as the winds were blowing him about  .

AUGUST 2016 (3 of 26)

AUGUST 2016 (2 of 26)

AUGUST 2016 (5 of 26)

He just sat there as Mama Barn swallow swooped sored and dived after food in the air for them all . My they are fast talk about your fast food on the run lol .

AUGUST 2016 (6 of 26)

I do believe this is to a baby or a juvenile of the earlier part of the summer as Barn swallows tend to stick together as a family .

AUGUST 2016 (7 of 26)

The adults seem to have a shiny blue metallic back as this one still has black so that tells me he is coming to adult hood soon .

AUGUST 2016 (8 of 26)

                             I also love hearing them chatter as they sit and fly about , quite the acrobats in the air as well !

AUGUST 2016 (16 of 26)

As the sun set more and more into the western horizon and shone in the east and south of the valley I saw the moon bright and beautiful to the south . How crisp  clear and fresh the air is and the sky looks  after big storms .

AUGUST 2016 (18 of 26)

AUGUST 2016 (22 of 26)

The moon was shining the land was quieting down for the night well ok peepers and crickets were chirping but birds and all were all a hush lol . A small bird  possibly rushing to his home after a long day out and about   in the lower far left of  the photo as the sun set shines on him .

AUGUST 2016 (26 of 26)

The evening falls in more and more the sun now down on the horizon as a thin layer of cloud whisks in front of the moon and I to go in before I get eaten alive by skitters lol !

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                              Country Gal


September Violets said...

Nice shots of the swallows. They are such little beauties! We got lots of rain out this way all day yesterday. My gardens are looking a little bedraggled, but the weeds sure did need the rain too ;) ha ha!
The clouds have been amazing, and the weather so lumpy since we've been home. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

That's a cutie little barn swallow. We got about 36 mm of rain, but they say it wasn't enough to lift the fire ban or fill the water table enough. The plants sure liked it. It's much nicer today without that awful humidity.

William Kendall said...

Very kind of the little bird to pose. One wonders what they think of all the rain.

The Furry Gnome said...

Lots rain here the last few days too, and very welcome!

Margaret Adamson said...

he is gogrgeous

eileeninmd said...

The Barn swallows are so cute. Love the moon shots. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!