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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weird Happenings


First weird happening . I am sure you have heard the phrase  if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound ?  Well Miggs last night proved that a part of a tree does  make a sound if there is no one there to hear it .  It was about 10 pm  the windows were open , Papa and I were watching a movie , all of a sudden Miggs fly’s up runs to the sliding door  and barks  and stands there staring at something not sure what to make of it all . So I got up and went to see . Now I couldn’t quite see out there as the porch light was shining and it was dark past that so I got the flash light and combed the yard with it before I let her out  just in case .

JULY 2015 (32 of 33)

I saw this thing I could not make out what it was sitting just under our big tree near the bird feeder pole , first thing I thought of was a Racoon cause in the dark it was like a greyish colour , but it didn’t move so I thought it was a cat maybe laying there  . I then made a few  sounds to see if I could shoo it off but no luck . I then let Miggs out , now she is on an electric fence and cant go over to the feeder area so she just stood there and barked at it  , by that time Papa came out and investigated it more and ya know what it was?

                       The knot had fallen off of our large old 150+ tree and rolled to it’s resting place !

JULY 2015 (31 of 33)

Weird eh ? to think that both Miggs and myself thought that in the dark this was a critter  , oh boy we both need our eyes checked lol !

JULY 2015 (8 of 33)

                              This is where the knot was on the tree for many years before  over 6 years at least since we have been here !

Then this morning as Miggs and I were on our way down the drive way to go for our walk  I saw this strange butterfly  on the road  that I have never seen before so we went back  and I got my camera and by then this creature had struggled to fly up to under our porch roof so I took a few photos and called Papa to come see this lovely strange yet beautiful  creature .

JULY 2015 (4 of 33)

JULY 2015 (5 of 33)

JULY 2015 (6 of 33)

                                             It turns out it is not a butterfly at all it is actually a moth .


Actias luna
Family: Saturniidae

Wingspan: 12 cm, with 6 cm tails
pale green, pink-edged wings with long tails, transparent spot on each wing, those on forewing joined by dark line to wing edge
up to 85 mm long; bright green with sparse hairs; each segment with widely-spaced reddish spots
throughout south and central Ontario, north to nearly James Bay
Habitat: forested areas Larval food plants:  birch preferred, but also walnut and several other species
Flight season: mid May to July
Overwintering stage: cocoon
True fact: Male giant silk moths like luna, polyphemus and cecropia have much larger antennae than their female counterparts.  These are used to detect pheromones emitted by females; the males can track this seductive “perfume” over one kilometre to its source during breeding season. These moths are a rare sight .

Life span  (1 week)

At first, the Luna moth’s wings are soft and crumpled. In 20 minutes, the wings are full size, and almost dry. But wait, the moth can’t fly yet! Once the moth’s wings are dry, it opens them and then rests until night time. Once it gets dark, the moth will fly away to find a mate. Luna moths only live for about 1 week.

So that was a rare treat for me to get photos of this moth  and  weird for the knot to fall off of our old tree  something else I have never seen before , oh my  what’s next I wonder  rubbing hands here in excitement  lol !

Papa has been busy building and painting bird houses this weekend so I will share some photos of the progress of that and the finish of them when all is put together . 

                                                                 Nature ceases to amaze me !

                                                                     Until next time .

                                                                 Country Gal


Muffy's Marks said...

Is Papa going to make a bowl out of that big ol knot? I understand that's what they use to make them. I have heard of Luna butterflies but never saw one!!! Lucky you!!! Have a great Sunday!!!

Gail said...

Hope the tree is not sick. I would keep that wonderful piece.

I rarely see a Luna maybe every other years but it is always so special since they are so stunningly beautiful.

Great pics.

eileeninmd said...

We are always hearing trees falling in the woods near our house. Luckily they fall away from the house. I love the pretty Luna Moth, they seem to be rare around here. Enjoy your day!

Primitive Stars said...

That is so weird, hope the tree is ok. I love the Moth, to bad only lives a week.Blessings Francine.

Michelle said...

I always love seeing Luna Moths. Didn't know they only lived a week. I would keep that knot! Sounds like something that would happen at my house! lol

The Furry Gnome said...

Beautiful Luna moth! Haven't seen one for years.

Amy at love made my home said...

Well that is amazing isn't it! I didn't know that knots could fall off trees! I was wondering if Papa will keep it and turn it into something amazing as he is so talented at making things. It would make a great garden ornament if nothing else wouldn't it. The moth is amazing, I didn't know that they could look like that! xx

carolann said...

It looks like a critter of some kind. Tress can play tricks on you. The first one with it being first to the ground.

When I first moved to the country.

I thought bears, moose were trees walking. I was scared from being a city girl. like trees are dark or they are brown and your color. So I thought they were all I imagined.

Now I do know in real life they do exists at least where I live. Not walking trees though.

Ha ha.

William Kendall said...

Nothing at all wrong with Miggs' hearing!

Anvilcloud said...

Good work with the moth. How unusual and nice for you.

Pamela Gordon said...

Elaine, that is too funny about the tree knot falling to the ground. We had something at our bbq the other night. It was most likely a raccoon but it managed to climb under the cover and pull out the grease pan and lick it clean! LOL I guess I'll be emptying that out more frequently now! What a great thing to see the luna moth especially when they have such a short lifespan.