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Sunday, July 19, 2015

So It’s Sunday Evening


  And the weekend is over already . It has been very humid this weekend  and thunderstorms just rolled through with rain  making it even more humid . The sun is shining  in the west thunder booming every where around us as the clouds shift  and now travel all along the east .  Papa and I puttered as it was quite hot and did a bit of in side and outside puttering .

We were able to at least enjoy some out side time in the mornings and late evening  but come the mid afternoons it was just too hot .

JULY 2015 (16 of 36)

                                   I saw Mr Bunny early this morning sneaking up to have breakfast with Mr Dove !

JULY 2015 (17 of 36)

                                He seems to have that look on his face as if to say  ( I’m not here you don't see me lol )

JULY 2015 (23 of 36)

   And where was Miggs ? you ask ? why she was up in bed snoozing with Papa . Sunday mornings are their sleep in mornings !

JULY 2015 (10 of 36)

                            I love how well our Clematis is doing again this year as it creeps up the big old tree !

JULY 2015 (1 of 36)

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JULY 2015 (14 of 36)

                                  Our gardens are doing well don't have the front ones here but doing well also !

JULY 2015 (6 of 36)

The sky's early  Saturday  morning from my kitchen window  as the sun was rising , there  was a thick fog  with all the humidity and moister  as I was making my cuppa tea . Then Saturday early morning we went into town to do some shopping and get some bits and pieces .

JULY 2015 (9 of 36)

A little hummer sitting in our front tree in the sunrise and thick fog as I spotted him out the kitchen window . oh my look , even the cob webs on the tree   are  bigger then he is !

So because of the humid weather we haven’t  been doing a lot  but when we did do some things out side we would come in and cool off  . It was like having a revolving door as we were in and out all weekend !

                                             But earlier today Miggs had some play time with the .

JULY 2015 (33 of 36)

JULY 2015 (34 of 36)

         I’m gona get you water NOM NOM ! SNIFF , SNORT A A A  CHEWWWW !!! I don't like water up my nose Mama !

JULY 2015 (35 of 36)

                                                                    But this is fun !!!  GRR !!!!  WOOF !!!

JULY 2015 (36 of 36)

We all had fun .. well ok Papa and I had fun watching Miggs but she had fun trying to catch the water from the sprinkler, funny how every time she was done she went and did a big  groaning  rolly polly on the grass lol !

      So that was our weekend  how was your weekend ? what did you get up to ? was it  hot, humid or rainy and cool ?  or all of the above ?!

                                                                            Until next time .



DeniseinVA said...

Sounds like Miggs had the right idea, hot muggy day is great weather for snoozing in a cool spot in the bedroom :) Great photos Elaine. Your bunny is so cute and Miggs always is of couse. Loved the clematis growing up the tree trunk too. Have a great week :)

Linda said...

Thursday was gorgeous at the cottage...
Friday we went for a long drive...
Saturday morning we had the fog damn damp!
We decided to come home,late afternoon...
Still very humid...and rolling thunderstorms!
Miss V was 3 today....went and had cake♥️
Enjoy your week Elaine....great shot of the wee Humming bird!
Linda :o)

Deb said...

Hi Elaine - Your Clematis is sooooo beautiful.Isn't it amazing how well the gardens are doing. Must be all the rainy days then sunny days then rainy days. I haven't had to water very much for days now. It was one of those 'stinkin' hot days' today. I'm not a fan, believe me. Tomorrow will be the same. Miggs is such a cutie. I wish Kane had half her energy.

Margaret Adamson said...

Your garden is looking so pretty andIlove the Clematis climbing up that old tree. yes I am sure you had fun watching Miggs play with the sprinker.

Amy at love made my home said...

It is so funny how dogs like to play with things like sprinklers isn't it! Miggs looks as though she was enjoying it though! xx

Jane and Chris said...

The thunder boomers really cooled everything down,didn't they?!
I spent a lot of time sleeping ( a rough few days),but I did manage to get to stand outside for about ten minutes on Saturday. The hardest part of my injury is not being able to be outside.
I LOVE the new header!!
Jane x

Linda Kay said...

The garden is spectacular. Miggs and the water is so funny.

William Kendall said...

It occurs to me that we so often see rabbits hopping, but not walking, as that first shot suggests.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We had a lazy weekend, too hot to do much else. Today we have been working in the garage lowering a rack that I hang garden tools on. I've got a couple of projects to get started but just can't seem to muster up the energy to do them ... maybe tomorrow.

Gill - That British Woman said...

love how Miggs "chews" the water. It's a dog thing!!

We hibernated all day on Sunday just too hot for me.