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Monday, July 6, 2015

Another Nice Weekend In The Books


The weather was absolutely perfect this weekend . Saturday Papa , myself and Miggs went to town to take Miggs for her summer spa day . She went in tail wagging saw Linda her groomer and hopped right up on to the table and sat there all ready and proud , So Papa and I left them all to it knowing Miggs was in good hands and will feel so much better after her pampering .  We only live 20 min away from a few towns we like to go to including this one so we picked up a few bits and pieces and went home and puttered till the groomers called 2 hours later . Oh I tell you I didn’t like being home with out my Miggs there it was an awful feeling even though I knew  she was at the groomers . I just didn’t like it one bit  though .

                                                   TADA!!  Here she is with her new summer doo !

JULY 2015 (16 of 87)

                   She was very tired after he spa what with all the attention and treats lol !  Doesn’t she look like a different dog with out all that shaggy fur ? Here she looks like her Mama  a hound !

JULY 2015 (18 of 87)

                                                                         Saturday we just puttered .

Sunday however Papa got down and busy building his wood shop deck and of course you know who had to supervise the entire project lol !

JULY 2015 (24 of 87)

JULY 2015 (32 of 87)

JULY 2015 (34 of 87)

Papa bought off of Kijiji  a radio alarm saw and  it is in perfect condition the guy selling it just didn't have the room for it any more , Papa got it at a steel to by brand new it would be well over $ 1000 he got it for $175  WOW !!!

JULY 2015 (26 of 87)

The only prob is they don't make them any more but they make parts and Papa called them and the company is sending all new parts for free so Papa will have extra just in case but he looks after his tools so it will last a long time .

                           Any who more photos of our Sunday and Papa the builder and his supervisor lol !

JULY 2015 (39 of 87)

Nothing like a supervisor getting right in your way lol ! At least she is keeping a close watch on the project just in case Papa misses something lol !

JULY 2015 (46 of 87)

            Tiring work being a supervisor isn’t it Miggs ! as poor Papa sweats like mad in the heat of the sun lol !

JULY 2015 (51 of 87)

                                     Is this how it is supposed to go Miss supervisor ? Papa asks her !

JULY 2015 (56 of 87)

JULY 2015 (60 of 87)

                           So tell me Miss supervisor I am all done now . Does it look ok , do you approve !

JULY 2015 (62 of 87)

                                                                              Yup she approves lol !

JULY 2015 (85 of 87)

Miss  supervisor Miggs would of been on this but she was fast asleep on the patio ;porch  in the shade all this supervising around here is tiring work lol ! So I went and took photos of the gardens  .

JULY 2015 (64 of 87)

                                       This little guy landed on our fire pit grate catching some warm sun .

Our hummer flowers are almost open so hoping for them to enjoy and I hope to get photos of them enjoying them to lol !

JULY 2015 (70 of 87)

JULY 2015 (66 of 87)

                                              At least for now these guys are enjoying the buds lol

JULY 2015 (68 of 87)

JULY 2015 (67 of 87)

                            Our butterfly bush is soo pretty just look at all those perfect tiny flowers !

coneflower  Collage

                                           All my different types and colours  of  coneflowers are starting to bloom  .

JULY 2015 (76 of 87)

                                                     Day Lilies or Tiger Lilies as we call them  are out in full force !

JULY 2015 (83 of 87)

                                                                  Every thing is looking lovely now .

JULY 2015 (1 of 1)

As the days get hotter with the sun I keep a beach umbrella over my birds fountain bath to keep  their water cool ! Doesn’t  look to bad with the umbrella gives the gardens some more character lol !

JULY 2015 (11 of 87)

Mrs Robin’s second batch of babies have now left the nest so they are away from it as she teaches them to hunt .

                Last but not least of our weekend . The field beside us got cut and the wonderful smell of hay wafted through our yard and windows !

JULY 2015 (2 of 87)

JULY 2015 (1 of 87)

            Can’t you  just smell this fresh cut hay in the fresh summer air  MMM !!! Love it ! I also like the look of hay bales in the fields ! I guess that is the country farm gal in me lol !

JULY 2015 (4 of 87)

                                    So that was another lovely summer  weekend in the books for us .

                                                                               Until next time .

                                                                     Country Gal


Jane and Chris said...

Nice summer do, Miggs...just in time for the hot weather.
I was sat outside with binoculars yesterday (can't do much else)...I could hear lots of bird activity,but couldn't see a thing.
Jane x

Anvilcloud said...

The trim was timed nicely as it begins to be more like summer.

Linda Kay said...

Love that lavender/purple....and Miggs looks great. My dogs are at the beauty shop right now, so hard to say how they will look when they are finished.

Margaret Adamson said...

Gosh! I hardly recognised Miggs without all her coat. Your garden is looking like a beautiful picture wiht wonderful colurs in the flowers

Primitive Stars said...

Miggs looks so much cooler now. Such pretty flowers, love the square bales too.Blessings Francine.

William Kendall said...

Miggs looks very different with the trim!

Linda said...

Hi Elaine.....
Thanks for the are so funny!
Your gardens are looking great...
Enjoy your week..
Linda :o)

The Furry Gnome said...

That's a different looking dog for the summer! Your garden looks great too.

Elizabeth said...

Flowers are lovely, umbrella was a good idea! I know what you mean about not feeling right when miggs is not there, I am the same way when my Ellie is at the groomers.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, your flowers are lovely. And the carpenter looks like he did a great job! And I love Miggs new "do", she is a sweetie. Enjoy your day!