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Friday, February 6, 2015

This Time last Year !


This time last year  Papa had a mid winter break and  it is the last day of work  today for him as it is the start of  his mid winter break  again this year   ,  his company shuts down for the week  so I get to have some people company during the  day  WOOHOO !  . The weather today  is a mix of sun and cloud  and cold winds . The weekends weather is to be snowing and freezing rain OH JOY !!!  Oh well  it is what it is . 

February 2014 (2 of 4)

                                              This is what the weather was this time last year  with snow storms .

February 2014 (9 of 17)

February 2014 (7 of 17)

                                                          And  then mild and rainy with some sun !

February 2014 (15 of 36)

February 2014 (4 of 8)-3

  Lots more grass showing this time last year  and all the Starlings were back in full force , I wonder when they will return this year ?  !


February 2014 (28 of 36)

Yup even this old guy is still hanging around this year trying to peg off our birdies from the feeders ,  they have to eat to lol !


            I am now looking forward to seeing and hearing our Robins soon this time last year they had  already returned .

February 2014 (18 of 21)

                                         Oh I soo look forward to the Robins  they are my favourite song bird !!

February 2014 (12 of 21)

                                                Then this time last year we had an ice storm , it was pretty !

February 2014 (13 of 48)

February 2014 (9 of 48)

February 2014 (21 of 48)

February 2014 (3 of 13)

Oh well what ever the weather  brings us  for the rest of this years February I am sure we will muddle through it just fine and

                                                           besides  SPRING  is just around the corner !

MARCH 2014 (10 of 72)

MARCH 2014 (11 of 72)

                                                                          Until next time my friends !

                                                                            Country Gal


Jane and Chris said...

Snowing here today..and for the next few days...but at least it isn't as bad as last year for us
Jane x

Gill - That British Woman said...

Winter cannot last forever......right? Enjoy having company through the day!!

William Kendall said...

Spring still seems to be a long, long way off here!

Patsy said...

Oh! I hope spring will hurry.
Just hug Miggs for me.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We've got snow arriving overnight and tomorrow. I'm ready for spring ... was wondering today when the February thaw would start :)

Anvilcloud said...

You took some nice photos last year. We had more snow last year, but it's colder this year. So far.

Margaret Adamson said...

Lovely looking back to last years photo and seeing the difference in weather. Great shots. Have a wonderful weekend

daisy g said...

Beautiful photographs! I hope your starlings come back soon! Please come visit The Maple Hill Hop on Tuesdays with your wonderful outdoor posts! Stay toasty!

Linda Kay said...

Ah, Spring is just around the corner, well maybe two corners.

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that you have a great break with Papa! xx