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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Extreme Cold Warning



A prolonged period of very cold wind chills is expected. Bitterly cold arctic air combined with gusty north winds will result in extreme wind chill values of minus 30 to minus 40 today. HOLLY MOLLY !! that's cold ! BRR !!!!

FEBUARY 2015 (31 of 31)

Good thing the sun has decided to rise this morning or it would be very cold and gloomy where I prefer very cold and sunny lol . FEBUARY 2015 (27 of 31)

Miggs just pops out to do her business and comes right back in  , in this cold . She really doesn’t understand why we cant go for a walk when it is this cold so she keeps giving me the sad puppy doe eyes lol !

Each day we have had snow fall and it is piling up like crazy and every day Papa has to go out and snow blow , I am soo happy to have that snow blower .

FEBUARY 2015 (9 of 31)

FEBUARY 2015 (10 of 31)

                                          This was yesterday morning . Snowing and blowing like mad out there !

FEBUARY 2015 (13 of 31)

                                              Out comes the snow blower for the umpteenth time this week lol !

FEBUARY 2015 (17 of 31)

                 We had a nice cozy Valentines  day inside watching movies and puttering after Papa finished his snow blowing and the sun came out for bit !

FEBUARY 2015 (23 of 31)

As the sun was setting Papa  bundled up yesterday  evening to BBQ steak for our Valentine supper  , we don't BBQ much in the winter but we both wanted a nice juicy marinated  steak for supper lol . It was good we had steak , mashed potatoes with  fried onions and mushrooms YUMMY !  Ya know your a red neck when !!! lol !

FEBUARY 2015 (21 of 31)

                                 Miggs was out with Papa whilst he was barbequing playing in the light of the sun setting .

FEBUARY 2015 (29 of 31)

The outside temps are soo cold and with the inside temps being cozy warm there is ice and condensation on the  inside of some of our windows ! Looks pretty in the sun rise light !

FEBUARY 2015 (30 of 31)

The sun is shining the air is super cold and  the bird feeders are filled to the brim for our birdies and critters  .

FEBUARY 2015 (6 of 28)

                   So today we will just enjoy the cosiness of the sun shining in and the warmth of the indoors !

FEBUARY 2015 (25 of 40)

                                                                         Joining in Sunlit Sunday

                                                                                    Until next time !

                                                                               Country Gal


eileeninmd said...

I wish this cold weather would just go away.. Cooking on the grill in the winter sounds great, now I want a yummy steak.. Cute shots of Miggs. I hope Miggs enjoys the snow.. Have a happy Sunday!

Deb said...

Love your indoor pictures, Elaine. Your home looks so cozy. Can you believe the weather we are having. I'm sitting here at home worrying about the birds at our feeders at the property. Not sure if we'll go out today but if we do it's the first thing I'll take care of. I'm sure the feeders are close to empty. I had a Pileated Woodpecker show up yesterday. So cool. Deb

Margaret Adamson said...

I don't think I would like it this cold although I love looking at your snow shots. Miggs does not seem to mind at all. Glad you enjoyed your winter BBQ!

Gill - That British Woman said...

yep nippy cold that's for sure. Try and stay warm...


Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

We've been experiencing similar weather. We didn't get a ton of snow like we usually do but the bitter temps are hanging on. I don't know what the wind chill factor is but I know it must be a brutal number! We've let our grill stay somewhat buried this winter so we haven't tried to use it. We have in the past though and it always tastes so delightful to have a juicy steak come off of it! Looks like Miggs enjoys getting out and finding things to get into! Snowblowers are a Godsend!! I like the sunlit picture on your sunflower pitcher!

Anvilcloud said...

It's an indoor day for us too. We did take the kids sledding yesterday, however. Your dinner sounds great.

Here's a snippet about our weather, and it doesn't even mention the crazy windshill today: "Today is ‪#‎Ottawa‬'s 24th day since Jan 1 with temps below -20°C. Most since 1994."

Patsy said...

Just too cold! But it is beautiful.

Pamela Gordon said...

It sure does look cold there Elaine! I hope that doesn't come here this week! We don't barbecue in the winter at all but always look forward to that first taste sometime in May. Have a great week!

Jane and Chris said...

Done with the cold...where's the OFF button?
Jane x

Jen Vandervoort said...

Stay warm, that's so cold...and is it normal for February for you to get that?


Here we are feeling warmish, and the snow was melting like crazy....not that it will last.


William Kendall said...

We've been catching up on our snowfall totals as of late, and it's bitterly cold today, with a windchill.

Michelle said...

Stay warm!!!!!

Ida said...

Wow again I can't imagine living through all that snow. Poor little doggie, but Miggs doesn't seem to mind to much. Wow grilling outside in that weather...he gets kudos for that and for blowing the snow. I liked the sunlight shining in your home making it look so inviting and cozy.

Faye Henry said...

Your meal sounds yummy.. I would so rather have cold temps then what we have right now.. Our house is snowed in almost to the roof. I can't see out of several windows... Only in Canada, eh?

The Furry Gnome said...

Our thermometer is lower than yours! At -32 and falling at the moment.

fernvalley01 said...

brrr! stay warm!

Amy at love made my home said...

Goodness me, I cannot imagine what that is like! Stay safe and warm! xx

My Little Home and Garden said...

Now, there's a serious cook, out in the elements cooking dinner. I imagine it tasted all the better for being prepared on a winter day.