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Thursday, May 23, 2013

This & That


The morning is cool and fresh , feels like a camping morning from the days  when we used to go camping  . It has been dry here whilst the area’s around us have had lots of rain . It has been threatening to rain here  and there but it only has been drizzling on and off  not enough to really help any of my gardens , back to the sprinkler and hose all though mother natures nectar from the sky’s would be better ! Hoping for some rain today looks and feels like it !

Spring 2013 (1 of 2)

My Lilac bushes  have been blooming since the end of April and still going strong . I have had several   clippings from them . I love the fact that there are 4 different coloured bushes in our yard !

Spring 2013 (2 of 2)

The sad thing is they don’t last long when you clip them and bring them in the house  but I do enjoy the smell and look of them in the short time they survive !

From my last post  , So far so good , my Gerbera daisies have stopped drooping for now the lattice shades Papa built seem to be working well . .


                                      I am now waiting  for the return of the butterfly’s .


We have many different species of Butterfly’s visit our yard when all the flowers have bloomed and plumped up ! Between the many breeds of birds and butterfly’s it’s like having our own sanctuary and I love it !

                                            Until next time , Thanks for popping by !

                                                   Country Gal


Jane and Chris said...

Love the new header!
Jane x

DeniseinVA said...

Great photos! Your lilacs are so pretty and your photos of the butterflies equally so. I am also looking forward to their return. said...

Your lilacs are pretty. Do you find when you bring them in you get ants come out?

Many people say they do and now leave them on the trees.

Gail said...


Glad your daisies are in the shade now.

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Oh what a wonderful collection of lilac blooms! Lilacs are my favorite flower but I don't have any white ones growing here. My lilacs bloom early so they've been gone since early April. It is wonderful to come by your blog and see yours. I can almost smell them.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Leah said...

Love the lilacs.... they are not budding here yet (late)... recognize your Pfaltzgraff I have the same pattern (a wedding gift 27 years).. have a wonderful day!

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, love the Lilacs, wish I could smell them too,:).....You are way ahead of the game with your flowers, mine are just peeping the header picture, Francine.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I miss having lilacs and need to find a place to add them to my garden too!

I have seen one butterfly this year, and it was perfect and beautiful--Warmer temps are on the way, and I hope rain is for you too!!

Linda said...

Love the Lilacs...
I cut some last weekend at the cottage..
Hopefully there will be more for this weekend...I try to make an arrangement with whatever is in bloom...they can get pretty darn interesting sometimes!!!
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog...always appreciated!!!
Our Vivian is a living doll!!!

Enjoy your evening!
Linda :o)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Your lilacs are beautiful...

I had a co worker at the nursery that used to bring me armfuls of fresh cut flowers...and she mashed the lilac stems with a hammer.

I can still hear her bashing them away on the counter.


fernvalley01 said...

finally catching up ,my lilacs are starting to bloom now, I wont have any to put in the house yet, but soon

colleen said...

Love,Love,Love your header!! Your just a ray of sunshine to me today. It has been raining here for days!! Waiting for the sun to shine so everything will plump up around here. The lilacs are just starting here a nice sunny day should open them up in good shape. I am bummed that we threw away a piece of lattice work last week.. it would of been the perfect size to put in the flower garden :( I was hoping that it didn't make it to the garbage yet but just asked hubby and it's gone!! I think it made the cutest addition to your garden. You have a great day!!

eileeninmd said...

Your lilacs are beautiful! And the butterflies are lovely. Wonderful post and photos. Have a happy weekend!

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Just found your site and love the way you just put flowers in a jug or vase. I love the informality of this. Your Liliac is wonderful and I remember my Grannie had it and I can still smell that even though your photos. Brings back wonderful memories. Thanks adn have a great weekend. Am following you now. Margaret

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Just gorgeous pictures, I so love the Lilac's they smell heavenly !
Cool here today, and down to 47 degrees tonight, that's unheard of in the South in late May !

Terri said...

Your lilacs are beautiful and I love your header- so bright and cheerful!

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Lovely lilacs. I remember picking bouquets when I was a little on from my grandmothers bush. Happy Memorial Day and a have a lovely weekend.

Lisa Lynn said...

Love it! Found your post on Farmgirl Friday and I would love to have you share it on The Creative HomeAcre Hop today!

Chel C said...

I have just stumbled across your blog and was struck by your header photo...gorgeous! Your shots of your lilac are fantastic, our lilacs are just beginning to turn, so summer must be here...although it doesn't feel like it in the UK!! From your newest follower. Chel x