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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Good Sign !


Miggs and I just came back from out walk . It is snowing a little bit , the winds are cold and there is light cloud cover with the sun trying to peek out over our village !

When I suited up to go out to feed the birds before our walk  low and behold I heard a familiar sound , I stopped looked and listened , nothing , then as I slowly started to walk towards my potting shed where I keep all the birdies food I heard it again , ok I think to myself  this is enough I know I have been waiting for this sound but am I going nuts it is to early ! So I proceeded to my potting shed , something made me turn and look up at our old tree in our yard and there he was  , beautiful as ever he looked down at me and chirped his chirp , that sound I long to hear  telling me spring is on it’s way ! It was like he was waiting for me to come out of the house to let me know he is back !





                                                             The arrival of  the Robin !

This bird has been a sign of spring for me since I was a kid , my mum and I used to have a little contest as to who see’s or hears the Robin first as mum loved the Robin as well . For they only return here when spring is in the air ! I looked back in my archives and found that he arrived the same time last year where in the past they didn’t arrive till the end of March beginning of April  but I notice their arrival is  getting earlier now !

                I am so Happy to see and hear him as it tells me Spring is just around the corner !

                                                                Until next time !

                        Thanks For Popping By !

                            Country Gal


Jane and Chris said...

Oh, now I'm excited...spring HAS to be on it's way if the robins are venturing north!
Off to tell hubby!
Jane x

Muffy's Marks said...

It won't be long now! Spring is on its way!!

nancy huggins said...

Billy saw a Robin in our yard a few days ago and I am VERY ready for Spring. Thanks for sharing

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Elaine girl I can not believe it !!
You are way ahead of us here .. not only do I doubt we will see a robin for some time .. even our little sparrows are hiding out from this wicked wind and I took special care to throw some bread crumbs out with the seed that is there ..
I love your new header shots girl!
Miggs is so cute with the rose in her mouth ;-) and your little orange guy reminds me of Oscar from the Odd Couple .. grumpy old man!LOL
That moon shot is fabulous as is the beautiful morning ? sky .. the blue from the jay just POPS out at us from there too.
I know we saw robins so early last year I couldn't believe it .. so now it is your turn ! : )

Primitive Stars said...

Oh lucky you to see the Robin...yes, since I was small, a Robin was a sure sign of Spring...Nice picture.....Enjoy, Francine.

Buttons Thoughts said...

YEAH I do hope it is a true sign this year. Poor Robin may have been fooled I hope not:) B

Heather said...

Wow! Unbelievable... it will be awhile before they venture this way, but hopefully not too much longer! Cheers~

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It's always fun to see the first sign of spring, and one from your memory is even more special!!

Faye Henry said...

Ahhh... The dear thing.. My Mom and I do the same thing but this is very early for our part of the woods anyway.. You are a blessed girl.. smile..
Take care, dear heart...

onesimplefarmgirl2 said...

My seed order arrived today. Lambs are dropping like cluster flies. Spring is on route!

DeniseinVA said...

The robins are great heralders of spring. Lovely welcoming photo :) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

oh you are so lucky, A robin.

Hurray for you !

RURAL said...

Congrats on seeing the Robin, what a wonderful harbinger of spring.

You have to go and visit Connie of Far Side of Fifty...and tell her you saw one.

She has a running contest with her SIL over who gets to spot one first.


This N That said...

I haven't seen a Robin yet..Last year they were here all winter

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your sighting is the second one as another fellow blogger also saw robins in her back yard. All I have been seeing are the hordes of unwelcome visitors - grackles and starlings who apparently are not finding enough in the fields, much to the dismay of the cardinals, juncos, blue jays and wrens who were enjoying the feeders before. No robins sighted yet.

Gill - That British Woman said...

That is really good news, now lets hope we all start to see the Robins!!

Aren't they so different from British Robins though? I miss seeing those,


Far Side of Fifty said...

Good for you! I am certain you will get spring before we do! I won't be looking for Robins for another two months:(

Anonymous said...

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