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Friday, December 14, 2012

Sunny Days


The weather here has been quite nice for the past day or so all though chilly at least the sun has been out .  This morning it is sunny and the air is colder but it is soo refreshing !

Yesterday was soo nice I spent the afternoon taking photos of Miggs , critters and birds .  I have been lurking around with camera in hand trying to get the birds used to me and this black thing that shines every once in a while as I get closer and closer to them . The birds are used to my voice and seem to stay put when I talk to them .  I can get close to the Downy woodpecker and the Red Breasted Nut hatch but the White breasted nuthatch is very skittish still I figure I may get so close one day that I will be able to use my 60mm macro lens instead of my 55-300 mm  as it stands I can get at least  2 feet from them now . I love watching  and talking  to the birds !


I was out taking photos of just about anything and everything as it has been a while .


Our weather vane at Papa’s sky shed . I just go out and practice with my camera on all kinds of things different lightings settings and what not !

Miggs was out with me trying to get my attention of course cause I had the camera , Miss strike a pose show off  lol .


                                         Miggs is quite the shaggy DA  this time of year !


                                She has been loving the cooler weather and sunshine !


                     This little guy was playing with me bouncing from the tree to the suet !


                       Mr Dove taking a break  up in our birch tree watching over the yard !


White Breasted Nuthatch decided to pose for me upside down on the tree trunk . Did you know the Nuthatch are the only birds that can travel head first down a tree ?  Nature is wonderful isn’t it ?


Mr Squirrel up in our big tree looking down on me and Miggs after she just finished chasing him !

The yard was busy yesterday as I assume it will be again today as the sun is shining and the temps are to rise to  6 °C or 42ºF not bad at all !

                                          Until next time hope you all have great day !

                                                Country Gal


grammie g said...

Hi Elaine...Again for me Miggy steals the show : )...
Very cute photos of your yard critters ..oddly though the Red breasted nuthatches I have lets me get within a couple of feet before he leaves..maybe he thinks I am going to take his suet ; )!!
Have a great weekend

RURAL said...

It's amazing how much wildlife you can find in your own backyard....including Miggs...lol.


Jane and Chris said...

It's an honour to see wildlife isn't it! Lovely photos,as always.
Snow on it's way for us this weekend..how about you? Is Miggs a snow lover...I'm guessing she is!
Jane x

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful & crisp & clear images! WoW!
I need a sunny day off of work to experiment w/ my new camera to get used to it.
I'm seriously lovin the 2nd pic of Miggs, so cute =)
The squirrel seems to be looking down saying, ha ha I got away, how ya like me now! LoL! =)

Pat said...

Enjoyed your peeks at nature!I miss seeing the birds as I don't have any birdfeeders up here where I live now.

Primitive Stars said...

Great pictures, always enjoy the birds at the feeder, so many different kinds visiting.......love Miggs.....Blessings Francine.

Gail said...

Fantastic photos, each and every time!

Gone Country said...

Fantastic photos! I believe you captured the light just right on all of these.

It's so fun to watch all the activity in the yard! Enjoy!

Heather said...

Absolutely delightful photos Elaine! Cheers!

Yael from Home Garden Diggers.com said...

I love your photos of all the birds and Mr. Miggs. We have Downies and Yellow Breasted Nuthatches, only rarely Doves. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

Julie Hargreaves said...

Beautiful photos