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Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Wet Day !


Yesterdays post I mentioned that our furnace is on the blink, well it still is, Papa couldn't find what the problem  is which is strange cause he’s good with stuff like that , it has us stumped ! It is an old furnace and last year we had the same problem but then it suddenly fixed its self   ”Weird “ ! I think its on it’s last legs to be honest ready to give up the ghost ! The bad part is they don't make that brand of furnace any more  , so we will have to use our wood stove more  and chop more wood and stack this weekend and see about a new furnace later ! they don't come cheap that's for sure ! Oh well !

It was  wet snow coming down this morning but the flakes were big enough to see and it was soo pretty ! I am sure soon we will get lots of snow and it will stay !


         I find capturing falling snow hard to do ! Unless its a lot coming down and the flakes are huge !


This photo its self is a bit blurry as the camera was focussing on the falling snow more then the still subjects !



              That yellow tent shed there on the left is where we store our wood !


               These containers are also wood storage on the patio !


  This stack and the containers makes it convenient to just pop out the door and collect wood and store in the house in the wood box Papa made some time ago !


         It holds a whole days worth of wood , doesn't look like it does it !

             Any who  until next time , hope you all have a good day !

                                                Country Gal


Muffy's Marks said...

I hope your furnace fixes itself again this year. They are expensive. I'm glad you have the wood stove backup, but so much more work. Stay warm this weekend. You probably will, burning all that energy making more wood!!

Gone Country said...

Lots of nice looking wood! Looks like you're going to need it with all that snow and a furnace on the fritz.

Stay warm!

Have you tried to use manual focus when shooting snow? I've never tried to shoot falling snow so I'm not sure what the secret is!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

The weather is not good anywhere it seems... we were under a state of emergency here yesterday due to hurricane force 100mph+ winds... hope you stay warm and cosy!... xoxo Julie Marie

Ellen said...

Oh my, cuddle up and stay warm!!! Hope the furnace fixes itself as that would be a great Christmas gift.

Lois Evensen said...

We do a lot of heating with the fireplaces, too. Stay warm!

Michelle said...

Hope it fixes itself. Looks like you have plenty of wood. I like the plastic tub idea for wood.I could just reach out my back door. Right now it's away from the house. Spiders like to live in our wood pile

Denise said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you over that furnace. They always seem to go wrong when we need them don't they? We had to have our heating unit replaced a while back and the one they put in had a leak in it!!! Glad you have that wood stove. Your photos are real pretty with the snow falling.

Amish Stories said...

The worst time to have heating problems, and i do hope they can get resolved for you. We should be receiving our snow very snow because i can feel it in the air, although we did get some in Oct here in Pennsylvania. Richard

Terra said...

I hope your furnace fixes itself again, and in the meantime you have a great stock of wood to burn.

Heidi said...

Hi Country Gal,
I am sending warm thoughts your way. I hope they can fix that old furnace, but until then I hope you can keep cozy with that awesome cache of firewood. I have to show my hubby your inside storage bin, it's too cool. Have a WARM indoors weekend.

Vicki said...

Oh My! Don't need your furnace going out in December! Love your header photo....TOO cute!

fernvalley01 said...

sort of playing catch up here, glad you got it fixed , It would not be nice to have a wonky furnace