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Monday, January 11, 2021

Our Puppers Summer With This &That

Myself , Papa and Summer (AKA) Summy are taking each day as it comes as I think many of us are nowadays . 

We have been keeping ourselves busy the best we can and one way for us to do that is to get outside and enjoy our yard and pretty valley  , going for lots of walks and  I taking lots of photos .We have even had the odd day where we can sit out on our screened porch as our weather has been fluctuating from mild to chilly to sunny and so forth . It has been a very odd winter with even less snow then last year .

We have been having fun playing  and training our Summy who is almost fully trained a few tweaks here and there and will be turning 8 months old this Wednesday .

Our friends and neighbors dog Tucker comes over everyday and plays with Summy and they have a blast .

Summy sits and waits at the gate for him at the same time every day and sure enough at 3:30 every afternoon he shows up with his daddy . 

After her busy day with us and playing hard with  her best friend Tucker, Summy is ready for a long nap  after her supper for the evening , she is a goofy girl and loves to sleep upside down with her toy in her mouth  lol !

 The past few days the sun set has been so colourful and pretty in the distance as each day comes  to an end Papa , myself and Summy hunker down for the night and are all tired and full of fresh air   . 

                                                               Until next time 


                                                 Country Gal




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