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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

It Will Be A Quiet Christmas This Year

 I hope all are well and ready for Christmas . 

I know this year wont be the same for all of us as families cant get together this year but we can all just do our best and thanks to social media  we can all at least have face time and get creative with our family Christmas this year through that which can be fun.

We here at Woods Country Cove  are almost ready for our quiet Christmas , we have our indoor and outdoor decorations up and it looks very pretty and festive . Summer and Harley have their stockings up and ready for Santa paws .

 We have a total of three trees this year , two outside on the screened porch and one inside  , I  felt the need to do a little extra this year .

                                              Our snow has gone and it has been raining . 

 Above is our indoor tree and our Summer (aka) Summy is very interested in what this is all about as it is her first Christmas .

                                       And she is doing great at her Santa hat training 😃

I cant believe she is 7 months already and full of energy and spunk and keeps me on my toes lol . 

 It maybe a quiet Christmas for us with out family physically being here  but face time should be interesting and I will be cooking Papa and I a small turkey and ham this year with all the trimmings and have plenty of leftovers which Papa wont mind one bit for sandwiches and for me to make soups and stews   lol. We are lucky that  Papa  has been able to still go to work during these times and it will be nice to have him home over the holidays for two weeks as his company shuts down for the Christmas holidays . I am sure I can find plenty for him to do about the house lol .

                      Well that's about it for now for us , if I don't get a post out before Christmas  

                       We here at Woods Country Cove would like to wish you all 

                                                   a safe and Merry Christmas

                                                        Until next time . 



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Linda said...

It doesn't matter that the covid Grinch stole Christmas, it will come anyways, just in a different format. We are making plans for Christmas dinner together with family for about March. Nothing wrong with that at all. Wishing you and Papa and Summer a very happy holiday season.