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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Our Winter Wonderland

 Well hi there , hope all are well .

Welcome December 

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

We have had quite the wacky weather the past few days  as a storm rolled over us filled with all sorts ,first it was warm and rainy foggy and then temps dropped and sleet and snow then we had a clap or two of thunder then it settled for a bit then we woke up to our first real snow fall  and it is soo pretty , I do love the first good snow fall each time .

              I love taking photos of fresh fallen snow as it cradles every shape it falls on.

When Summy and I went out for her to do her business she was soo excited her being Husky she wanted to stay out and play in it and so did I but she is still recovering from her spaying so she has to be on leash and cant run about like a crazy dog in it just yet but soo she will be able to  probably by weeks end 😀

We finished our outside lights a few days before this storm hit as it was sunny and warm then , 

                         We toned down the lights at the front this year and it still looks pretty.

We decided to decorate our  newly build screened porch that  we built in the summer , it looks pretty and I love seeing the lights and trees light up at night  every time I look out our sliding door off of the kitchen .

I will be setting our indoor tree and decorations sometime this week. I cant wait to see the Christmas lights all lite up  with all the snow on them 😀.

Well that's about it for me . I hope all are well and staying safe .

                                                                 Until next time :





William Kendall said...

Beautiful snow!

Rosella said...

Aw yes, a Winter Wonderland indeed! Your place is looking festive and bright. I can just imagine how much Summy's Husky spirit wanted to romp in that snow! Stay well and safe ...