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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Misty's Surgery With This & That

Hello , It has been a busy time for Papa, Miggs and I since my last post .

Misty has had surgery to remove a few lumps and bumps that were causing a bit of havoc for her and for us and she is doing well , the stitches look worse then it is but she has bounced back so well , she will be a bit sore for a while but she will be getting her stitches out next Friday then she will be able to roll and frolic in the grass again and get her grooms that she loves with out any problems anymore .
I have some photos of Misty with her stitches .
                                Just a WARNING to some that this may bother you .

  Misty acts as though she doesn't even have them in at all so it is healing nicely and  it is not hurting her any more other being a bit sore ,  however we give her pain meds when she needs them which hasn't been very often now as she hasn't shown any pain or that she needs them either she is also on  antibiotics so these help a lot  ,  Three times a day I am putting a  damp cool cloth and cold compress on her shoulder suture and then polysporin on and around the suture  as it has bruised a bit more now then her back ones as she moves her neck  more  and she has to be taken outside to do her business whilst on leash and can not go for walks till the stitches have been removed . She is quite the trooper and a brave girl and when these stitches come out next Friday we can get back to our routine walks and playing in the yard . WOOHOO !

Talking about the yard , things are blooming in the gardens nicely now and I cant believe it is the last full week of April already .

The Robins are busy making nests as are all the other birds in the yard and lots of fighting and other stuff they do is going on lol .

                     I have been seeing a lot of the smaller butterfly's like this on below .

A Pearl Crescent on the side of the house warming itself in the sun , also lots of  Painted lady's and Eastern Comma's  . These are the first butterfly's of the season that emerge here .

All our trees and bushes buds are very close to bursting and blooming to . Our grass is thick and green and needs to be cut this weekend if it doesn't rain . We have had lots of both sunshine and rain the temps have been pleasant and all is coming along nicely .

                                                               Until next time

                                    Country Gal



William Kendall said...

It sounds like she's well taken care of.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Glad Miggs is doing fine after the surgery and your garden flowers are pretty. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anvilcloud said...

Poor dog. All the best.

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Poor Miggs, I bet she can't wait to get out and enjoy the outdoors again. Love your photos. You're always a little ahead of us, our daffodils and tulips haven't bloomed yet. Enjoy your weekend.