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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

In Our Part Of The Valley With This & That


I cant believe how lovely our spring has been so far . After the first of the month when we got that dusting of snow it has been fantastic . The sun has been shining and the temps have been warm and we have had lots of busyness out side slowly getting the yard and gardens prepared .

The sky's have been soo clear and blue and sometimes having my favorite clouds floating above.

I took these scenery pics whilst Miggs and I were on our walk earlier this morning .

In this pic above , our Country Cove is tucked in behind those trees and cedar hedges , You can see that huge tree on the right of the photo , that is our 150+ year old Manitoba Maple , the one some of you may see from the other side with all my bird feeders by and where I happily watch and get to photograph all our wonderful birdies .

This amazing field is half beside us and behind us as it stretches way down to the river with in our valley and it is steps away from our County Cove  . We are soo blessed to live in such a pretty area and have wonderful wildlife about also we are on the migration path for birds and butterfly's .

Our valley is wide spread as is our village with  in it , we all have large lots and properties and pretty land all about .

Our birdies have been busy  building nests and fighting for territory , I need traffic lights for them in our yard as I have almost been run over by a few numerous times lol !

But in this shot above it was early evening and this Robin was napping on our butterfly garden from his/her busy day .

                      Whilst this Robin above is scoping out the yard watching the others .

The Redwing black birds have been busy feasting as well as nesting . This guy took advantage of the quiet under the feeders .

We have plenty of spring flowers making their way through the grounds reaching for the sunshine .

 Miggs has been loving  starting each early morning as the sun rises and ending each day in the evenings as the sun sets on her swing watching  over the yard .

                                                 Hope spring has sprung where you are .

                                                               Until next time  .

                                      Country Gal




Anvilcloud said...

Your spring and ours are very different so far.

William Kendall said...

Spring has certainly established itself there! Terrific shots.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

I see Miggs is overseeing all this business of the birds!

Linda said...

How lucky are you!
Lake Erie still frozen at our cottage...and so much work to be done!

The Furry Gnome said...

Happy Spring!