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Thursday, November 15, 2018

This & That & Our First Snow Fall

Miggs and I have been puttering about the yard these days on nice days and staying cozy in doors on the not so nice days . For the most part our trees are bare and not many leaves to tidy up are left but what is left well can just stay there now . The gardens are pretty much empty as well except for the odd few plants that can be done in the spring .

We have had lots of birds at our feeders and have been enjoying watching them , The other day we had two female Evening Grosbeak's visit and stick around for a day or so feasting under the feeders with some of the other birds .

November 2018-7004November 2018-7011We don't usually see or have these pretty birds about just the Rose breasted Grosbeaks in the summers but I think cause we are on the migration path they decided to check the yard out , which I am glad they did so I could add them to my bird photo archives . I am like a kid in a candy so and get soo giddy when a new bird stops by lol !

Last evening as the sun broke through clouds as it was setting was treat to see after a cloudy day from my windows .

November 2018-7027

I just love it when the sun seems to break free through the clouds like this looks so dramatic and pretty .

Then the other morning the sun rose and a pillar of light known as a sun dog gleamed in the south east .

November 2018-7031

November 2018-7032

We have had the odd day of very light snow falling as you can see some of it here on Miggs back .

November 2018-7017But today it is our first of the season winter snow storm and it looks pretty as it sticks to everything . I know others in the east coast have been hit bad by winter storms and winds and I hope all stay safe but us here in southwestern Ontario below the snow belt area don't get a lot of snow and not as early as this either .

I took some photos as it was falling just a few minuets ago and WOW ! it has accumulated so much already .

November 2018-7034November 2018-7038November 2018-7041                                                        I do like capturing snow as it falls and covers everything .

Well that's about it for me Miggs and I are all cozy inside and enjoying the prettiness of the snow falling outside  . Nature and her changing seasons do give a photographer like myself so much beauty and challenge of  a different canvas to look forward to .

                                                                               Until next time .

                                                                                    Country Gal


William Kendall said...

Beautiful skies!

The snow is heading our way sometime in the evening or overnight, but we've already had some snowfalls, and thus far what's on the ground has been sticking around.

Linda said...

The winter storm is just arriving here, perhaps 10-15 cm by tomorrow morning. I’m hoping we get some evening grosbeaks in the garden this winter. I was reading an article that said there would be more of them around this year. The red bellied woodpecker was at the feeders today. Stay warm and cozy during the storm.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

looks like winter is on the way to you now. Love the unusual sun sky. Have a lovely weekend.

Anvilcloud said...

We had one of those sun pillars the other night, but I did not get a shot.

This morning we have enough snow to cause school bus cancellations -- like all buses, Full stop.