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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Well Here We Are !


December already ! The time seems to fly each and every year and the weather gets stranger every year to, either we are buried under snow  and freezing cold or still are green and mild with rain on and off like today  the temps now are  6C or 43F that is quite mild for this time of year for us  here in Southwestern Ontario near lake Erie  but that can all change on a dime for the worst that’s for sure .

                                                 Lets have a look back at the weather this time last year .

DECEMBER 2014 (25 of 41)

DECEMBER 2014 (39 of 41)

Pretty much the same as it is now with  frosty mornings and mild day times with sunshine or cloudy and rain  . They are saying that Canada’s climate is changing at an alarming rate and that we are not that much of the frozen north we once were  and that everyone knew of or thought we all lived in Igloos  any more  lol ! . I find the places that never  got snow or cold across the world are now and here it is getting less snow and warmer in our winters ,  is the seasonal balance completely changing across the world   ? seems like it !

DECEMBER 2014 (22 of 50)

          I find each year now the winters flip flop about . Last year we didn't get snow till at least January .

JANUARY 2015 (29 of 67)

JANUARY 2015 (8 of 39)

                                    And even then it snowed then melted then snowed then melted and so on !

FEBUARY 2015 (20 of 51)

                                              Then by February that’s when we were buried in it lol !

FEBUARY 2015 (25 of 51)

                     Why back in the day we would have snow in November and freezing cold right up to April .

Who knows what this winter weather will bring but what ever it does bring I would like a little bit of snow for Christmas and for Miggs to play in for a bit and for  some winter photos  for about a month of it then it can all melt away and I wouldn’t mind that at all  , mind you the warmer we are in the winter the more bugs we have in the summer as the cold winters kill them off  could get quite nasty come summer if they don't die off  talk about invasions !.  YIKES !!

               Who knows, I guess we will just have to  wait and see what mother nature feels like throwing at us !

FEBUARY 2015 (30 of 41)


                                                                                 Until next time .

                        Country Gal


Linda said...

We started the day with ice rain but as it got warmer everything was just wet. It's been a very dull day but I've started some decorating inside and been creating my Christmas cards to get printed. I've also been painting but it is too damp to dry off in the garage (it's a craft) so it's down the basement. Hoping the first coat is dry by tomorrow so I can continue.

Pamela Gordon said...

We've had a mild November too Elaine and not one bit like last year when we started getting snowstorms that never seemed to end. There is freezing rain coming tonight then rain then some snow. It is strange weather but I sure don't mind the lack of snow right now. I love the photo of the cardinal. Take care.

Michelle said...

When have been having some oddly warm"ish" weather so far. Who know what will happen after the first of the year! lol

William Kendall said...

You're a good deal further south than us.

Today we've had freezing rain. I'm not looking forward to the walk home.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Lol...I'm smiling at Miggs, buried up to her neck in that snow !
The weather has been wet and warm here in the Tennessee valley, I'm wondering what's around the corner :)
Beautiful pictures, you are surrounded by loveliness everywhere you look.

Betty said...

Miggs looks so cute in the snow. Our Mandy hated it,but she was a small dog and was easy to get lost in it. HA! HA!

Linda Kay said...

Historically, climate changes, and now the scientists (who pays these people?) are saying that we are looking at a change toward colder weather. Wonder who will make a fortune on those predictions? Love those pictures of our Miggs.

Henny Penny said...

I need to see a picture of Miggs every day. He cheers me up and makes me smile. I've just never seen a face so cute! I think the weather seems crazy everywhere right now!

Amy at love made my home said...

I am not one for snow, but I know that we need it for many reasons! xx

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, love Miggs peeking up out of the snow, cute picture. Weather is nice and mild here, but still snow on the ground.Blessings Francine.