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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning


                                               Merry Christmas all !

                             Christmas  Eve day was lovely mild and sunny !

                                             DECEMBER 2015 (7 of 73)

                            Miggs was helping us wrap the last of the gifts … ok she was taking off and playing with paper roll lol !

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                                               Miggs had great fun !! we had a good laugh to !! Silly girl !!

Then by the evening  I saw the moon  it was our Christmas Eve  moon it wasnt the full moon . The  full moon is set to appear in the Christmas day night  sky , for the first time in 38 years. The full moon is the last of the year, and is the first to occur on Christmas Day since 1977 - and there won't be another until 2034. The moon was soo bright here last night the light reflected off of my lens .

                                     DECEMBER 2015 (36 of 73)

                   We went over to Papa’s mum and dads for the evening and exchanged gifts and had a nice visit  to !

This morning Miggs and Harley woke and ran down stairs and Miggs went to see her stocking as she had been doing every day to see if Santa paws had been , and to her surprise he had ! 

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                     Then Miggs got her stocking down and went to investigate what Santa paws had left her

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                                                     Then Miggs found a toy bunny in her stocking so she had to have a chew of that !

DECEMBER 2015 (46 of 73)

DECEMBER 2015 (54 of 73)

            Look Miggs Santa paws left you some treats to ! YUMMY !   she said , can I have them now Papa ? ! Sure can !

DECEMBER 2015 (55 of 73)

  Hang on Miggs Papa will get the bag open for you !! Oh boy oh boy she is saying here and being impatient  as she trys to help Papa open the bag !

DECEMBER 2015 (62 of 73)

DECEMBER 2015 (64 of 73)

                                                                              Nom a Nom a Nom !

DECEMBER 2015 (67 of 73)

                                   Please  Papa my I have more ! WOOF !! I am sitting pretty for another one !

Well  Miggs was all happy and had some of  her treats  and played with her bunny she got in her stocking . As for Harley well she wasn’t as excited  but she did like her treats Santa paws left in her stocking !

DECEMBER 2015 (65 of 73)

                                                                  Mum whats this stuff !! Meow !!

DECEMBER 2015 (68 of 73)

           So when all the excitement of Miggs calmed down Harley had a treat from her stocking and then went and investigated the rest of the gifts !

DECEMBER 2015 (72 of 73)

So now we are just relaxing enjoying the day with eachother  &  watching movies , I will be cooking the small turkey we got for Papa and I with ham and all the trimmings for supper whilst we wait for the kids to pop down later this evening after their  Christmas day  at home ! Weather is still mild  with cloud  and the odd pop of sunshine and we are still green here , no sign of any snow till next week .

                                                                            Until next time !

                                                          Hope you all had a lovely Christmas Eve and Day !

                                                                   Country Gal


Gail said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Miggs is so cute! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve. Have a happy Christmas Day!

William Kendall said...

Such cute shots of those two!

Merry Christmas!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like Miggs and Harley had a fun time with their gifts and hooe that you all did as well, Elaine. Thanks for sharing your country cove life through your posts and photos. Whike I may not always comment, they are always enjoyed. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Henny Penny said...

What a nice Christmas. I wondered if Miggs would have a stocking for Christmas. He is such a cutie pie.

Pamela Gordon said...

It looks like a fun Christmas there. Dogs do love those stuffed toys to play with. Our Marshall always liked the squirrel ones. :) Sorry to hear about your vertigo issues. It sure isn't fun to have it. I had my first one a year ago then this past November I've had milder episodes of it. I was also sick on Boxing Day night with the intestinal flu and slept all day yesterday. I'm up and dressed today but my back is hurting a lot. We cancelled our family party (my side) yesterday due to the snowstorm that came through. We got 20 cm. after a green Christmas. Take care of yourself Elaine. Look into getting the Epley Manoeuver done for your vertigo by an experienced professional like a doctor or physiotherapist. It works. Pam

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Miggs getting the stocking down is precious...she's such a smart girl !
I'm wondering if you had a touch of food poisoning, I had the same symptoms once :(
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year up there, hope the rain doesn't effect you up there, as it has us in the South...