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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunshine , Spring , Birds Return Oh My !


The sun has been shining so wonderfully all week and the temps have been quite pleasant  .MARCH 2015 (1 of 7)

Our Robins are back and singing the praises of Spring which by the way is this Friday WOOHOO ! 

MARCH 2015 (7 of 7)

                      Mr Robin was sitting on the wire out side our house chirp chirping away as the sun was setting .

MARCH 2015 (6 of 30)

Earlier all the Gold finch were feasting on the feeders and have great discussions as to who was to be where on the feeders !

MARCH 2015 (12 of 30)

Grackles and Starlings are making menace's out of them selves as they hoard the feeders from time to time !

MARCH 2015 (30 of 30)

                                          MARCH 2015 (4 of 30)

                                           The sun sets have been weird  at times but strangely pretty !

MARCH 2015 (7 of 15)-2

MARCH 2015 (10 of 15)-2I liked how this vapour trail looked in the sky as the sun was ever so gently reflecting through it through the cloud .

MARCH 2015 (9 of 15)-2

Each day more and more snow is melting and after  a night of drizzly rain even more has melted from when I took these photos !

MARCH 2015 (5 of 15)

It has been a wonderful week  temps and sunshine wise and the fact that all spring birdies have now returned  and the weekend isn’t half bad either all though a bit chillier this morning and cloudy but the sun is to shine later this afternoon and the temps are to rise to +8 .

                                                         I am joining in with Sunlit Sunday

                                                                          Until next time

                     Country Gal


Pamela Gordon said...

Wonderful to see your signs of spring there. Hopefully it will head this way in the next week or two. The blizzard today is bad with very gusty winds and blowing snow. Enjoy!

Deb said...

We had snow overnight and all is white again.:( Grackles are gorgeous, I wondered what they looked like. Great photos today.

Selma from said...

Glad it is getting warmer for you. I can begin to smell the Spring. Lovely bird photos too

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

yep, a lovely week leading into spring on the calendar. The robins were here by Thursday (just in time for my birthday). The weekend has been dull, foggy, drippy, but not overly cold. Looking forward to nicer days ahead.

William Kendall said...

The birds look quite busy!

TexWisGirl said...

hooray for sunshine! we have glimpses of it today for the first time in about 3 weeks.

Primitive Stars said...

Looking like Spring there, wonderful birds coming back to the feeders. Blessings Francine.

Deb said...

Oh...I meant Starlings. Grackles look like Crows.

Linda said...

Hi Elaine....
You certainly are excited!
Your finch feeders look so nice and clean....
Think I'll get new ones this Spring!
Gonna drive out to the cottage tomorrow...
What wonders await?
Enjoy your week..
Linda :o)

Michelle said...

Nice to have signs of spring, isn't it?!

EG CameraGirl said...

I LOVE it when the robins begin to sing! I have heard a cardinal lately but only on warmish 5°C. ;))

Jen Vandervoort said...

If your snow melts anything like will be gone in a week. So sudden, poof and gone. And then it was spring in a day...everything is popping out.


Gail said...

Your pictures are fantastic.

My Little Home and Garden said...

I'm going to have to look more closely to see if I can spot some robins. Spring has definitely sprung in your beautiful blog header!