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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Bit Of This & That


Hello everyone  .  Hope all our American  blogger friends had a good July  4th long weekend and before that our Canada Day July 1st Fellow Canadians had a good  long weekend to, we did .  Speaking of Canada Day we didn't have to go anywhere to get a show of celebration we had it right in our back yard .

JULY 2016 (1 of 52)

                                                                                       Harvard Bombers

There is a Harvard flying club just 20 min away from us at St Thomas air port , a small airport for  smaller air craft , commercial and hobbyists and they hold the air show there to  which we have been to  . These pilots  who keep these beauties in tack and fly  on special occasions here mostly but do take them out every now and then . I like the sound of these air craft .

 JULY 2016 (3 of 52)

I have been busy , as I see all of you have been to , what with this wonderful summer weather and all the fun things there is to do this time of year .

We have finished the big clean up of  part of our old tree that had fallen a week ago so that's all done and dusted as they say lol. Miggs and I have been puttering about the gardens and relaxing in the shade on the patio porch and going for walks in the early mornings as it is a bit cooler . The sun has been shining and it has been very humid , we are in need of rain  as my gardens just aren't that happy with hose water but still looking good for me .

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JULY 2016 (40 of 52)

I have all my flowers photographed but there are so many I wont bore you with them lol instead I will show you our Harley Roo  taking in some sun and cool air conditioning . Harley is a very anti social cat and only likes attention on her terms but ever since I moved my stool to the window and put a towel on it to keep the fabric clean well this is her spot now and she seems to be more social and was happy for me to take  a few photos of her . She is a strange Kitty !

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JULY 2016 (12 of 52)

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                                                              Harley was  the perfect model  that day for me .

                                            Then she wanted to sleep more so I let her snooze and went out side !

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JULY 2016 (45 of 52)

I have lots of these all over my gardens , for the life of me I cant remember the name of these but I love them as they are tiny daises  and they spread like crazy .  I am sad to say I haven't seen  many bees  , Monarchs or even Swallowtail Butterfly's and the Hummers have been less as well .

JULY 2016 (46 of 52)

Then  we have Miggs , who is relaxing in the shade under her swing as the breeze blows whilst she is keeping an eye on the yard !

JULY 2016 (49 of 52)

                                                                                    The I’m not impressed look !

JULY 2016 (51 of 52)

                            Not impressed look and falling asleep lol ! Notice the tongue poking out just a little lol !

JULY 2016 (52 of 52)

              Still the tongue sticking out ever so slightly as something off to the side of the car port catches her eye !

Well that's about it for me , it is to be a humid one here today so we will be relaxing in the shade and not over exerting ourselves either as  with the humid weather the air is thick and heavy to hazy like  and there are heat warnings in place to .

So  I will be off to go for a walk with Miggs before it gets to bad  then , well yeah know chill and enjoy the day !

                                                                                  Until next time



Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Your lovely little blooms are feverfew. It has been very hit and humid today. Hubby spent a bit of time chipping branches and I was spreading it as mulch on the garden. It will be a big job, but doing a bit a day will slowly get it done. Love seeing the photos of Harley and Miggs.

William Kendall said...

We have the heat and humidity here as well. It's oppressively hot.

Harley and Miggs are so photogenic!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What great fun to have your own "air-show!" And the show your flowers are putting on is pretty impressive too!! I also love the photos of Harley and Miggs, whose expressions you've captured perfectly!

Margaret Adamson said...

Love the close ups of the kitty and of course th shots of Miggs trying to fall asleep! Good shot of the planes and great you had the view from your garden.

Anvilcloud said...

I'm glad someone identified that as feverfew as that was my guess. I guess it has some medicinal properties.

Cats sure know how to relax. They like their comfort.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, cute shots of Miggs and the kitty. The plane shots are cool. The flowers are lovely. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!