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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sun Set In The Valley


    I took these photos an hour ago and as I was here posting a flock of Canadian Geese flew over honking  and crickets chirping  as it all echo's through the coolness of the valley .. oh how wonderful . A perfect end to a perfect fall sunny day ! Music to my ears and the best movie in the world .


Fall 2013 (2 of 24)

                                                          I love the stillness of a fall sunset .

Fall 2013 (7 of 24)

                                         The hush…  and  yet wonderful noise from nature !

Fall 2013 (18 of 24)

                  The orangey glow of the sun set as it bounces off the trees and deepens into the western  horizon !

Fall 2013 (9 of 24)

             Birdies catch the last of the days rays for warmth before the chill of the night sets in !

Fall 2013 (23 of 24)

The sweet smell of the land as a fresh cool breeze gently blows carrying in it a touch of dampness .

Fall 2013 (15 of 24)

                     Night creatures lay in wait for their time to rome whilst all others are in for the night as the dampness and darkness cloaks the valley  !

                                                       Until next time … Have a good evening !

                                                                   Country Gal


Primitive Stars said...

Evening, such beautiful pictures you take, put mine to shame, :) love the golden light and the birdies....raining softly here, we really need it too.....Blessings Francine.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Beautiful photos. Such a lovely golden glow to them!

Have a great weekend :)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

The sound of the geese overhead always makes me feel melancholy, but it signifies Autumn.


grammie g said...

Hi Elaine.. Well worded, with lovely shot's to describe a fall evening!!


Faye Henry said...

A lovely post, Elaine..
Have an awesome weekend..xo

Anonymous said...

The weather has been gorgeous this past week hasn't it? I almost hate to be doing fall clean up jobs, but know the weather can change any day now. That is too bad you had to have those trees taken down but for safety sake it was the best thing to do. We had a huge flock of blackbirds flying over the back farm field for a couple of days .. what a lot of noise they made. Pretty soon the huge flocks of geese will be heading south. So far we have only see small groups.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

A lovely end to the day! We sat on our porch last evening and enjoyed the fall sunset too. That feeling of winter coming is in the air.

By the way, I read in our paper here that you should feed the hummingbirds until late November (Thanksgiving) to help the stragglers who pass though, I didn't know that...I wonder if that applies to you too?

Jane and Chris said...

It's funny how the same sound at different times of the year creates opposite feelings. In the autumn, the sound of migrating geese makes me sad, in the spring it has me jumping for joy!
Jane x

Lavender Cottage said...

I love the golden glow of an autumn sunset, gorgeous photos shared.