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Monday, April 1, 2013

Jokes On Us !


Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend ! We did !

Now  , on  to the weather ! and where the heck is spring still !  BOOHOO !!!

Ok , who thinks it’s funny to have snow squalls today and freezing winds . I don’t think that is funny at all !    Happy April Fools Day !

Ha ! I feel a fool for hopping spring would be better as April arrived  , boy was I wrong ! This time last spring we were practically in a heat wave with the temps and lots of sunshine, now mind you the sun is shining today but then disappears for a moment behind dark grey clouds that are letting go of snow squalls then it would clear up  , it has been doing this most of the day  thankfully the snow melts on contact but the winds are still carrying that cold bite to them !


This time last spring we were doing our gardens and had Daffodils , Hyacinths and Tulips in bloom !


                      Papa was cutting the grass this time last  spring ! This  spring it is still brown !


This time last spring our Orioles were back in full force ! I think it will be a while till they show up this spring .

Adjusted Photos (1 of 1)  

This time last spring I already had some flowers from the gardens cut and in the house !     

   Adjusted Photos (1 of 1)-2

Oh well  ,these things happen . I will just keep keeping on for the weather to get better besides it is just the 1st of April !

                         Until next time hope you all have a great day no matter what the weather !

                                           Thanks For Popping By !

                                    Country Gal


Anonymous said...

Even when we do get a day in the 50's it takes until about 4 in the afternoon to reach that temperature, and the nights are still getting into the 30's. Soooo ready for some warmth. Raining here off and on today.

Primitive Stars said...

Happy April Fools Day, I know what ya mean, last year I was shopping at the garden centers buying Pansy's and planting them in pots.....this year, looking at the snow banks in the yard....cold here today but the sun is shining......Blessings Francine.

Julie Marie said...

Happy April to you!... I hope your Spring comes soon... love your header photos, especially your Goldfinches!... xoxo Julie Marie

Jane and Chris said...

The weather is miserable here (the snow is blowing sideways) but there has been a flock of robins (about 40+) out the back today...cheered me up no end!
Jane x

Faye Henry said...

Yes, our weather is way behind compared to last years, too.. I think this year is typical though, eh?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Everyone is wanting spring to arrive soon, Elaine. What I don't want is the heat and humidity of summer too soon.

Willow said...

Yes cold here in New England barely, barely a glimpse of Spring anywhere.

grammie g said...

HI Elaine...Ya what a difference a years makes lol...we are experiencing the same thing here..took pictures of Crocus,Daffodils had green grass last year at this timer...yup and right now everything drab brown!!
It will come soon,and we will be able to complain about the heat ; )

Alica said...

We're still waiting on spring here too. I think the March winds have been blowing forever. We did,however, have a few hours of sunshine yesterday, and the air had a hint of warmth to it. A hint...just a hint. :)