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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Their Back !


A sign of fall fading away and winter  sliding in :

                                                                     The Junco’s are back !

OCTOBER 2014 (3 of 12)

This little guy was checking out the seed in the flat feeder , it was dusk ,just before the sun rise and I saw this little guy as I had to do a double take as I wasn’t to sure  but as I got closer it was confirmed it is a Junco  for what ever reason I said to myself YEAH !!  another one of our winter birds are back  , well despite the weather they are here for I like them anyways lol they are the last ones to arrive .

OCTOBER 2014 (7 of 12)

They are pretty skittish till they get used to the area again but soon warm up to me with my camera , Miggs running a muck of the yard  and all the food that is out for them .

OCTOBER 2014 (11 of 12)

            As the sun was rising I heard behind me a flock of Canadian geese honking as they flew over head .

OCTOBER 2014 (12 of 12)

It was so quiet by the time they were over my head I could hear the air whooshing through their wings as they flew  . Miggs and I went for our morning  walk  , it was a little frosty but lovely with the sun shining and the crispness of the air was wonderfully refreshing  . I really need to take my camera with me though  as there were 6 White breasted nuthatch in a tree all playing and making that distinct sound of theirs !   I need to rig up away to walk Miggs and take photos , one handed photography doesn’t always work lol . The birds are all so very active now as they look for places to eat and snooze and make home for the cooler weather .  I cant believe we are at the end of October already and this weekend we here in Ontario change our clocks back one hour  so a bit lighter earlier in the mornings but darker earlier in the evenings  YUK !!  oh well it is what it is lol !

                                                                                Until next time

                                                                         Wishing you all  a safe and 


                                                                             Country Gal

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This & That


It hasn’t been our typical fall weather that’s for sure , we have had everything from warm , mild to hot to humid to rain to cold to frost and it has been windy as we get the winds off of lake Erie here in our valley .

I cant believe it is the last week of October already, where do the days , weeks and months go ?  The weather has been amazing  and very unusual for us this time of year  . Right now it is 20°C Feels like 24 or 68°F Feels like 75 with the humidex and it is windy  with overcast we had a peek of sun earlier this morning as it was rising over our valley shining through the clouds . I took these from our computer room window . I thought , well even though the wires are there why not  they give these photos a bit of contrast .

OCTOBER 2014 (4 of 7)-3  OCTOBER 2014 (3 of 7)-3

             Lots of early morning birds were flying over and jet airplanes way up high ! I love the vapour trails reflecting the sun rise !

OCTOBER 2014 (6 of 7)-3

Usually we are quite chilly  but they are saying that by the time Halloween rolls around  that is  this Friday by the way Oh my already ?? it is going to dip down to –6   or  21 ºF and possible snow flurries  oh boy that is a big change , oh well it is to be expected being in Canada lol !

                                                                         I took these photos yesterday !

OCTOBER 2014 (6 of 15)-2

                                     Some of our trees are bare now and some are still hanging on to their leaves !

OCTOBER 2014 (14 of 15)-2

Our Robins are also still hanging about as they seem to love the crab-apple berries ! This guy was gobbling them down as he tried to keep out of my sight  in the tree .

OCTOBER 2014 (9 of 15)-2

This little Chickadee was just to fast as he came down to the feeders snapped up the seed and into the tree as he sat and broke open the seed shell on the branch !

OCTOBER 2014 (15 of 15)-2

                       Miggs loves to lay on her swing in the sunny evenings watching the critters in the yard !

OCTOBER 2014 (3 of 15)-2

OCTOBER 2014 (4 of 15)-2

                 Well that’s all I have for today .  Still pretty quiet around here well  people quiet anyways lol  the winds are blowing leaves as they are  rustling across the road and lawn  , Crows are cawing and the Blue Jays are squawking and the other birdies are chirping and chatting  like crazy  in the Cedar trees   and I think I hear a Squirrel telling someone off in the back forty  lol   but that’s  what I like  ,  the sounds of nature ,  music to my ears   .

                                                                                       Until next time

                                                                             Country Gal

Monday, October 27, 2014

I Got Nothing Really To Post About !


          So here goes the babble  the thoughts out loud  … oh that’s not going to be good lol

Blogger block or not much going on , either one  it is pretty quiet here now . The weekend was sunny with chilly winds and Papa and I didn’t do much as everything has been done  for our yard clean up , well except for the thousands of leaves again on the lawn we were out cleaning them up on Sunday . I have been in a frump I guess you could call it , not much to photograph that I haven’t already and not feeling 100% either , I think I am dreading the colder weather can sense it creeping in  and am slowly going into hibernation mode all though I do go outside from time to time walk Miggs and to take photos in the really cold weather   yes ok I will say it WINTER !!  Yikes !!!!  I am a thinker and do a lot of that through out my days and at night to lol  . I was thinking HMM !  what do my blogger friends prefer , butter or margarine , skim milk , 1%milk , 2%milk or other types of milk or no milk at all . I am in a dilemma I am tired of man made processed foods and got tied up in the trap of all the no fat low fat yada yada is good for you .  Then realized that back in the day where there were no processed foods we all did well and were healthier for it  so I am trying to go back to that way I was raised , it is hard and as I have a slow metabolism I fear I will gain even more weight by changing yet again  what I eat  and yet I don't eat a lot  of anything  as I have tummy troubles IBS  , I cant stand fast food chains so never eat at them not a junk food eater all though the odd chocolate bar is a treat every once in a while ,  unlike Papa who can eat anything and everything, I am soo confused by it all !!!!!

OCTOBER 2014 (13 of 13)

I walk every morning with my Miggs and sometimes we go for a good long walk for an hour and half up and down the hills of our valley roads  but our regular walks are for about 45 min , we enjoy our walks but I feel I am  in a frump a Plato that even the walking isn’t helping much  now ! Back to the foods , I am not a baker nor much of a cook I can do it just never caught the desire to like some I prefer to spend my days outside or doing other things more then in the kitchen I do make the odd home made treat or soup , stew or Sunday roast  and Papa isn’t fussy on meals that don't consist of meat and potatoes , Oh well I guess I will figure it all out eventually lol  .

OCTOBER 2014 (7 of 13)

I cant believe my knock out rose bush is still blooming and growing new leaves , it seems to really like this weather we are having which has been up and down but more up with lots of sunshine mild temps and a bit breezy , the mornings have been frosty and pretty .  Any who I am done thinking out loud here or babbling which ever you want to call it lol so I guess this means I did have something to post then doesn’t it? lol ! There are times  my brain just gets going and the fingers follow and all just spills out even if it is a lot of dribble lol !

                                                                The things that make ya go HMM !

                                                                         Off for our walk now !  

                                                                              Until next time ! 

                                                                      Country Gal