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Monday, November 30, 2015

It Was A Different Weekend



Most definitely , and a fun one to . Myself and all the girls in the family went to a lovely Christmas craft show on Saturday and had fun  looking , oohing and aweing over all the lovely hand made crafts and yummy treats they had there . Most of us ended  up buying lovely home made  jams and tea cakes  to have over the holidays .

NOVEMBER 2015 (32 of 32)

These are just some of the yummy cakes I got  the rest are in the freezer lol !  Papa… why is there a lemon cake missing here ? …. um don't know as he says with a mouth full lol !

We spent a good four hours at the craft show as it was in a huge high school  through out the halls , the gymnasium   and part of the cafeteria the other part was for sitting and stopping for a drink and something to eat . We all had a nice time . Whilst I was gone Papa was busy putting up the tree we use for out side and the lights and decorating the outside of the front of the house  . We were surprised when we pulled in the driveway to see it all looking pretty !

NOVEMBER 2015 (28 of 32)

Looks even prettier at night will share those photos later lol .

Then Sunday the family went for a nice Christmas brunch at the Elm Hurst Inn a wonderful old huge  Victorian mansion  . The people there are soo nice and the food is amazing all you can eat buffet of every kind of food you can think of  Turkey , roast beef , potato's , salads of all sorts  , breakfast foods , fruits of every kind and the desert tables are amazing   with chocolate fountains  and all kinds of goodies tea coffee poured  before you call for more  plates removed as soon as you are done and ready to go up for more to get another fresh plate  , the service is fast and amazing a

 StarStarStarStar Star place indeed !

The Christmas decorations there were beautiful and a huge tree in the foyer waiting room all done so beautifully so we took the time before we had our private party/family  room to take photos of us all in front of the tree . Papa took our photos of the family and his dad  also took photos   . It was a lovely time and stuffed we all were I am still full  , places like that with all that food one has to pace them selves lol and take time to chat and giggle as we all did !   It was a lovely weekend . I will share photos of it all  once Papa has loaded them in his computer  and send them over to my computer .

But I did get out side early in the  mornings as we have had been getting hard frosts to take photos . So I will share a few of them for now .

NOVEMBER 2015 (27 of 32)

                                                               The best camera buddy ever !

NOVEMBER 2015 (2 of 32)

                                                     The moon was soo pretty on this frosty morning !

NOVEMBER 2015 (3 of 32)

                                                          The frost even stuck to our window screens !

NOVEMBER 2015 (5 of 32)

NOVEMBER 2015 (6 of 32)

NOVEMBER 2015 (11 of 32)

NOVEMBER 2015 (12 of 32)

NOVEMBER 2015 (15 of 32)

I could spend hours out there taking frost photos as it looks so different and interesting on everything it forms to ! But the sun rises which I like and it still holds quite a bit of heat and so melts it all  .

NOVEMBER 2015 (13 of 32)

NOVEMBER 2015 (19 of 32)

NOVEMBER 2015 (17 of 32)

NOVEMBER 2015 (20 of 32)

NOVEMBER 2015 (25 of 32)

Well that was our fun weekend we had , I will share the family brunch photos and the photos of the Christmas decor Papa put up later this week in a post .

                                                                        Until next time .

                                                                  Country Gal

Friday, November 27, 2015

Busy But Not Busy


Have you ever had one of those weeks were your busy but not busy ? .Well I have had one of those weeks this week . Busily puttering here and there ! It has been quiet  here and the weather has been a mix of warm,  chilly, sunny and cloudy .   I have still seen the odd moth about and fly and mosquito  and I think they are well confused with the warm spell we have been having  , why this  morning when we got up the temps were 13C or 56F that is strangely warm for us this time of year  and there fore nature is all in a tiswas   .

NOVEMBER 2015 (5 of 12)-2

NOVEMBER 2015 (2 of 12)-2

                                Madam , I said to her,  it isn't time to nest as she kept trying to stuff grasses and twigs in !

NOVEMBER 2015 (3 of 12)-2

From a distance I watched this Crow put the attack on this Hawk  pretty brutal fight in mid air if it were two planes they would call it a dog fight .

NOVEMBER 2015 (4 of 12)-2

The Crow is attacking from right underneath the Hawk . Eventually the Hawk got the picture and took off !

NOVEMBER 2015 (10 of 12)-2

Yup still the odd Robin hanging about they like to feast on the crab apple berries and I saw they were living in the big spruce trees in the back 40 !

NOVEMBER 2015 (12 of 12)-2

Mr Cardinal one of many we have here was scrounging for seed on the ground with his Sparrow buddies as he called to the wife Mrs Cardinal to come down and eat . They would of been on the feeder but Mr Blue Jay was being a feeder hog .

NOVEMBER 2015 (1 of 12)-2

                                                       And Miggs well she is always on yard duty !

NOVEMBER 2015 (6 of 12)-2

NOVEMBER 2015 (8 of 12)-2

I cant believe it is the last weekend of November already  where does the time go? !   Tomorrow myself and the girls of the family are going to a Christmas craft show  and on Sunday  Papa, myself and the  family are going to a nice Victorian Inn mansion called The Elm Hurst Inn for a lovey Family Christmas Brunch Buffet all you can eat and all fresh home made  YUMMY !   I haven't quite got into the Christmas spirit or decorating yet  , I am going to say it , I need snow to get into the Christmas spirit not a lot but some would help  . I usually don't decorate  till two weeks before  , if I decorate now I get bored of it all so fast  before Christmas is even here .  Oh well I am sure I will get my Christmas groove on soon lol I used to go hog wild with the decorations and a big tree but now a days  we go simple and small and with our little Charlie brown table top tree just a simple country Christmas for us  lol .

                                                   Well that’s it for me , hope all have a good weekend .

                                                                                Until next time .

                                                                      Country Gal

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

From Our Neck Of The Woods


                    We would like to wish  all  our American blogging friends a safe and

                                                                         Happy Thanksgiving !




                                                    Country Gal , Papa, Miggs & Harley