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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This & That


  The weather has been wonderful sunny and warm temps hitting  highs of  22°C or 7oºF perfect .  Over the Easter weekend Papa and I were busy in the yard and took Miggs for a spa day , had a nice family Easter dinner  and just enjoyed the lovely weather .

Yesterday was just as nice , Miggs and I went for a long walk with our friends Debbie and her dog Tikka  they just live up and around the corner from us which is on route of our walk so we join up , most of the time Miggs stops at their house and listens for Tikka and Tikka watches for Miggs and I lol  they are best buds and Deb and I both enjoy walking and chatting up a storm so that works out well , we have a lot in common about nature and loving the simpler life !

Any who , yesterday I was out taking photos as spring is coming along beautifully !

APRIL 2014 (2 of 22)

                  This little guy was  nesting in this barn house last year that Papa built  and  was looking for the barn house a week ago so Papa put it up over the weekend and the little guy moved in right away . He sits there and chirps as to tell all he has claimed it . It is made to be a Wrens house but he manages to squeeze in and out of it ok lol !

APRIL 2014 (5 of 22)

            Then I noticed he had  the wife there so she seemed pretty happy about their living quarters lol ! I take it he did a good job of house hunting as she was singing the praises !

APRIL 2014 (6 of 22)

                                                                            One lonely Goose flew over !

APRIL 2014 (9 of 22)

                 My favourite place to be in the sunny warm weather , where I can sit and watch all in the back yard and eventually enjoy blooms and colour with in my gardens !

                                   APRIL 2014 (10 of 22)

                 I scrubbed down the patio table and the place mats and as you see here hung them on the line to dry !

APRIL 2014 (11 of 22)

           Sitting at my patio table with camera in hand Mr Robin came to visit , they get really close to us now !

APRIL 2014 (12 of 22)

                              He kept an eye on me and the ground for bugs or a worm moving under the grass !

APRIL 2014 (13 of 22)

                                         Miggs was walking the yard  keeping an eye on the critters !

APRIL 2014 (19 of 22)

                   But she didn't see Mr Bunny squeezing under my shed lol ! We have to live trap and relocate and seal up the holes under my shed  for if we don't it gets pretty over crowded and stinky under there as there are also squirrels rooming under my shed as well , I wonder if I should charge them rent lol !

APRIL 2014 (17 of 22)

                           This Purple finch was happy he had the feeder all to himself as he was munching away  !

APRIL 2014 (18 of 22)

       Today  it is still nice out but rainy  and foggy in the valley  but hey that's ok cause April showers bring May flowers !

APRIL 2014 (21 of 22)

Birds are chirping and singing as it is raining the temps are a warm 10°C or 50ºF  and it is all supposed to clear up this afternoon and the sunshine is to appear  , so this morning I will putter indoors whilst it is raining and get outside later if it clears up .

                                                                           Until next time my friends


                                                                           Country Gal

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shaggy To Fuzzy


Miggs that is lol . Yesterday Miggs went to get pampered at the doggy spa  , went in a shaggy bear and came  out  a fuzzy bear lol  We went to the big city an hour away for Miggs spa day  took her to Pet Smart her favourite store . The full grooming took 3 hours  she had what they call the  Supper dog grooming  , washed and shampooed , hair cut , teeth and ears cleaned and nails clipped  .  So Papa and I toured the city and went to some shops . OMG !! the traffic was unreal  so much hustle and bustle where Papa and I are used to a much quieter slower pace . Well we managed to get through it all in the end picked up our Miggs and was glad to get out of the city and get back home to the slow pace and piece and quiet ! But it was for our Miggs for her once a year spa pampering so it was worth it .

                                                                        old   Shaggy bear look !

APRIL 2014 (1 of 36)

                                                                      Now new fuzzy bear look !

APRIL 2014 (5 of 12)

APRIL 2014 (6 of 12)

                   The weather has been lovely this weekend  . We had our Easter dinner last night at my in laws with the family there is was nice to see every one and Yummy foods to !

This morning is sunny and fresh out . I hung my Hummer and Oriole nectar  feeders for when they return which should be  any time now !

APRIL 2014 (2 of 12)

        APRIL 2014 (3 of 12)

APRIL 2014 (4 of 12)

APRIL 2014 (11 of 12)

                                                         Goldfinch having breakfast in this mornings sunshine !

APRIL 2014 (12 of 12)

               Miggs now has a fuzzy stumpy tail  where before it was long and shaggy and looked so much bigger  , I like it looks cute lol ! At least she will be cooler in the warmer weather  .

                                Puttering today  outside   , hanging laundry on the line , having another camp fire going

                                                                                and more garden clean up !

                                                                                Until next time my friends !

                                                                                Country Gal

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Now That’s More Like It !!



The weather that is lol  .  After yesterday and Tuesdays initial shock of snow and ice , all has gone now thank goodness .   The sun is shining temps are once again rising and all is back to what it should be SPRING !!

I spent the best part of the day yesterday walking the yard looking for things to photograph as this time of year there isn’t a lot  ,  wild flowers aren’t in bloom yet  nor are any of the bushes  but they are all bursting with buds just itching to pop ! The birdies are busy feasting , singing and making nests  , critters are just busy eating and Miggs is watching over the yard .

                                                                  Buds on the trees .

APRIL 2014 (1 of 33)


Spring flowersPicMonkey Collage

                                                             Spring flowers popping up every where !

APRIL 2014 (21 of 33)

                                                    Interesting moss and fungi forming all over the place !

squirrelsPicMonkey Collage

                                                                  Squirrels  being cheeky at the feeders !

APRIL 2014 (28 of 33)

                                                    Mr Robin sups up a worm like a piece of spaghetti lol !

APRIL 2014 (30 of 33)

            Turkey vultures soar over the valley looking for their next meal . A  face only a mother could love they have lol !

                                       Birdies singing and flying all over the yard  happy it is spring again  !

BirdsPicMonkey Collage

                                 Then we have Miggs who just loves the out doors no matter the weather !

MiggsPicMonkey Collage

                                      So I did seem to find some interesting things to photograph after all !  


                                                     And last but not least a beautiful sunset to end a good day !

APRIL 2014 (7 of 11)

                                                          Spring is back on for us here and all are happy !

                                                                  Wishing you all a  wonderful long weekend and a


                                                                                    Until next time my friends !

                                                                               Country Gal