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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Another Quiet Weekend


So far  our weekend has been quiet . Papa is tending to a sore knee , one of those things when ya step wrong and WHAM !! out goes a knee  so he rested it for yesterday with a brace on as Miggs and I went for our walk and carried on with  our day as usual  . We went out early this morning to town as it is nice and quiet in town on  Sunday mornings and did a bit of grocery shopping and to get Papa a cane so when he does walk he can keep the pressure off of his knee whilst it is healing  .  Papa is off all this week as his company has a mid winter shut down kind of like a March break only in February lol ! It will be nice to have him home  or he could drive me nuts  either way  still nice to have him here lol !

                   The sun has been shining for the most part of the weekend so I took some  Sunlit photos for .

Sunlit Sunday

February 2016 (3 of 15)

                                                   Someone has been out side soaking up the sunshine !

                                             The air is chilly as is the breeze but the sun shining  has made it pleasant !

February 2016 (1 of 15)

                                                   This was yesterday the little bit of snow there is now all gone !

February 2016 (15 of 15)

              This mornings sun rise with a bit of  fog drifting down in the valley ! The streaks in the top of the photo are airplane contrails .

February 2016 (4 of 9)

I love the look of moss on logs and how the sun light creates the green of the moss to take on a shadow of a slightly different green  hard to see in the photo though !

February 2016 (5 of 9)

                   This log had a tiny piece of moss glistening in the sun light  but I see there is a Pansy plant in the log to,  this log is in my garden !

February 2016 (6 of 21)

Well thats it for us for now , it is mid afternoon Papa and I are just relaxing as the clouds are starting to thicken and the sun is being hidden more as later this evening we are to get a rain snow mix  .

                                                                                       Until next time .

                                                                                  Country Gal

Friday, February 5, 2016

First Week Of February Done Already !


WOW !  I cant believe how fast the  days are flying by . Papa is home for the weekend and off all next week as his company shuts down for a week for mid winter break so it will be nice to have him home for the week and it will help break up the winter for us both .

So far this winter has been quite pleasant , sure we have had cold damp cloudy days with the odd snow fall  but also lots of sunshine and warm temps with rain which had washed  away what snow we did have  but still a very easy pleasant winter to what it has been in the past or what it could of been .

                        Look what I spotted in my gardens  , my Daffodils are poking  above ground already  ! WOOHOO !

February 2016 (3 of 9)


February 2016 (2 of 9)

                                                       We had a dusting of snow over night and it looked pretty .

February 2016 (9 of 9)

But the sun came up and now there is no snow left , I find the land is now warm to so that helps with the melting of the snow .

Miggs and I went for our walk this morning all though the air is cold but it was nice with the sun shining  and I noticed all the ice from our Otter river has gone and the river is flowing fast and is deeper  this river  runs from way up north through our valley  and flows  out to lake Erie down through our port towns and the  marinas that are on the north shores of  lake  Erie , they say our  rivers and lakes never got a good freezing of ice this year as our lake Erie has been warm  and that it will affect  the lakes and rivers  for the summer months . Hope this lack of ice and warmer winter we have had  dont keep our  lake Erie beaches closed this summer  .


                      Any who ,  the sun is shining , the sky’s are blue and the snow is gone  from the ground and Papa is now home for the weekend and next week  , we have no plans but one never knows  !

                                                              Until next time  hope you all have good weekend !

                                                                            Country Gal

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Last Nights Rain Storm & A Nice Day Today


Yup we got a big rain storm last night and we even had thunder with it . It was warm and windy  and nice to hear the rain falling   as it remined me of a nice rainy summer night . 

February 2016 (1 of 25)

As I was finishing up in the kitchen from supper and making Papa’s lunch for work Miggs was snoozing on the couch .

February 2016 (2 of 25)

Then I though well I will try some thing weird as I get in these moods every now and then , to take a photo of a reflection of a reflection  make sence ? I thought so lol  .

February 2016 (5 of 25)

                                       Yup a reflection of me in my jammies in the kitchen ,  I know what a weirdo  lol !

Well the evening went on  the rain poured down in buckets  with the odd clap of thunder  as I watched a few fave shows had a cuppa tea  Papa was busy on the computer  he is a gamer  every now and then and then we went to bed . The next moring was cloudy and not much sign of  sun shine  but the rain had stopped and the sky was dull  so Miggs and  Iwent for a walk  the temps were warm 9am it was +8 or 45F  and winds were calm  not bad at all . Then as we got back  the sun peeked out of the clouds and it stayed out all day and the skys were a brilliant blue  and the temsp were rising .

February 2016 (6 of 25)

                                     All was busy in the yard and happy with the sun shine and warm temps !

February 2016 (20 of 25)

February 2016 (11 of 25)

My thistle feeders have been busy for over a week as both the Gold finch and the Pine Siskins feast at it all day every day !

February 2016 (16 of 25)

                               On nice days like it was today  Miggs loves to lay on her swing and watch the yard !

February 2016 (19 of 25)

My favorite colour of one of my Geraniums is blooming and looks so pretty in the living room window soaking up the sun shine !

February 2016 (25 of 25)

  Miggs jumped  off of her swing to chase a squirrel or cat as all I heard was her grumbling like she does when in hot pursuit lol  then she layed down  on the grass to watch over the yard again  , I just had asked her if she wanted a treat  , and that face says it all doesn’t it ? !

It is nice to have the sun set later each evening now and it stay lighter longer to  and to have more sunny days . Well thats about it for us for now  the rest of the week is to be sunny and just above freezing so that will be nice to have the sun shine every day , oh I just noticed my Daffs in the front garden poking up from the ground  and after all the rain last night  we have no snow left any where now !

                                                                                 Until next time .

                                                                           Country Gal