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Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Everyone



First I would like to thank you all for your prayers for my sister Ann . Ann is still in hospital and will be for some time . We haven’t been able to see her yet as she has still been sedated to help her heal as her body has been now fighting pneumonia  and her blood pressure has been all over the place , we are hopeful that all the rest will help her recover from this ordeal , so far the surgery has worked for her aneurysm and the other aneurysm  is fine so far . So we are just hanging in there with her  on and off  a day to day situation with lots of contact with the hospital and family for information . I am slowly  trying to catch up on all  your wonderful blog posts  so bare with me please  I may not comment all the time on all of them for now .

On a  nicer note  the Rose Breasted  Grosbeaks are back at the feeders  and the Wrens and Barn Swallows are around as well ,  now all I need to have  in my yard at my nectar feeders are the Orchard Orioles the Baltimore Oriels  and the Hummers .

The gardens are doing well and after all the lovely rains and sun shine  we have had  everything is growing like mad .

Just a reminder that this week is the week  for National Wild flower week !


June 2015 (7 of 33)-3

I know the wild flowers aren't out yet but when they are take time to walk amongst the fields of wild flowers and enjoy their beauty and all the nature that uses them as a source of food  and if you can plant  some wild flowers to help our pollinators !


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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Update On My Sister Ann


As you  all know my sister was rushed to hospital  on Thursday  and they found she had two aneurysms in her brain one at the front and one at the back   one of them  was bleeding . The Dr’s did surgery  right there and then , when they realized what it was but during the surgery her heart gave out 3 times  so they stopped  , they used the less invasive method through scopes and what not but no go . They took her back to her room and kept her sedated for a few days to keep her out of pain and to let her heart and body rest from the stress of it all . Ann went into surgery yesterday , they had a pacemaker ready and hooked up just in case  thankfully they didn't need it  her heart did well , the surgery went well and she is back in her room resting  . She will  be in the hospital for about a month for her recover with 24 hour watch still as a nurse stays in the room with the patients and keeps an eye on their vitals and all kind of things to help the patient get better and fight the fight with what ever it is they are fighting  , it  will be a  slow  recovery but she's not out of the water yet so to speak  cause the aneurysm has to clot for it to work  . We haven't seen her yet where she knows we are there and is able to talk to us  but in the beginning she heard us and responded to or voices some what  .  We will be visiting her soon when she has some strength and able to talk and know we are there  with out over whelming her with confusion and such . My brother in law and family are doing ok as we have been with them on and off , the hospital where Ann is in  is 2 hours away for us but we are keeping in touch with my family via texting Face book  messaging and calling .

Papa , myself and our family thank you  all so very much for your kind words of support and prayers you all have sent and given us .

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