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Welcome to Woods Country Cove .

I was raised on a hobby farm and Papa was raised in a farming town . We live in a beautiful wide spread country village in a valley in South Western Ontario Canada with a river that runs through it and forest all around us . We also live a short drive from the north shores of lake Erie where there are lots of lovely marinas and small Port towns . We have three wonderful children that are young adults and we are empty nesters now as the kids are off living their lives. When we moved here Papa and I got married in our back yard the same year in country western attire with just family and friends and named our home Woods Country Cove. Our farm house is nestled in a cove like property surrounded by Cedar trees as our fencing and was built in 1895 but before that it was originally an old school house, the original foundation for the school house remains in the cellar under an old floor door. We both have always loved nature and have an abundance of it here in the valley and it’s wonderful . Both Papa and I love photography and are always out taking photos . We both enjoy gardening and Papa also enjoys wood working in his shop as I get lots of wonderful things made for our home and we both enjoy viewing the night sky’s by telescope in his sky shed . We enjoy the simple country life with our fur babies Miggy and Harley. When we moved here we both decided that I would retire and Papa would still work out of the home and I the home maker, works for me hehe ! I started this blog in May of 2010 to share our goings on in our neck of the woods and have enjoyed blogging ever since , reading and following many wonderful blogs , meeting so many wonderful people across the world of blog land .
Simply, Live Country , Love & Laugh !
Ken & Elaine Wood
AKA Papa & Country Gal